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Being so public... It's a recipe for trouble. An individual is approachable. Fallible. Weak. The people need to see the Restoration as an institution. But this? Nobody can touch this.

— Clutch the Opossum, Sonic the Hedgehog #69

Clutch the Opossum[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. An elderly criminal ringleader, he eventually retired and became an expert Chao trainer and the reigning champion of the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. After his mistreatment of his Chao was revealed however, Clutch was forced to flee White Park Zone. Having lost much of his wealth following this incident, he is currently working on rebuilding his criminal empire with the aid of Rough and Tumble.[2]



Clutch with his bucket hat and coat on, from Sonic the Hedgehog #33.

Clutch is a tall light green and dark green furred opossum. His muzzle and fingers are pale peach with freckles, and he has a pink pointed nose. He has white eyes with black sclera. The fur around his face forms a spiky beard-like shape. He has five dark green tufts of fur that grow directly out below his muzzle. Clutch's ears stick upright and are dark green in color, and his left ear has a gold earring. He also has thick, dark green eyebrows. He also has dark green fur that covers his hands, except for his clawed fingers. Clutch also has a large, pale pink tail with faint stripes.

For attire, Clutch wears a white tuxedo jacket with a gold necktie, gold buttons, gold pockets, and gold-colored diamond cufflinks. He wears white loafers with gold accents. He is known to wear a white bucket hat with a yellow stripe running across the center. He is also known to wear a large dark gray and gray furred coat that makes his silhouette appear much larger. Also, his fourth tooth from the middle of his face on the left is gold.



A master criminal of a past generation, Clutch built himself a notable reputation in the underworld as an arms dealer. During his time, he swindled and beat many heroes. However, he eventually went into retirement and wound up forgotten.[2]

During his retirement, Clutch made a name for himself as the reigning champion of the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. He managed to accumulate a large amount of riches and technology that he stored in his penthouse suite in the White Park Grand Chateau. He also gained a reputation for himself on the underground market, being known for making the odd secret trade every now and again. He also became a great Chao trainer but did not treat Chao that did not win races for him too kindly, whom he would keep locked up in a cage in his suite.[3][4]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases[]

Eventually, Clutch participated in another race in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit with his Dark Chao. He boasted and celebrated with it after it had qualified for the grand prix that would take place the following day. Clutch had also taken the notice of one particular Chao, Cheese, and introduced himself to the owner of him, "Facet". Seeing through her lie, he invited "Facet" to his penthouse suite so that they could discuss shop. When "Facet" arrived, Clutch told her that he knew she was really Rouge the Bat, saying that their meeting was inevitable. He proposed a deal for Rouge; if Cheese managed to come out on top in the following day's race, he would provide her with anything she wanted from his collection. However, Rouge would have to trade Cheese himself as well. Rouge told him that she would think it over and left.[4] The next day, Clutch joined more Chao Races with his Dark Chao, who was beaten by Cheese in the final race. As the race was wrapped up, Clutch sent Rouge a glare. Later, he met with Rouge and her friends in his suite, mocking them and provoking Gemerl. He also assured them that despite appearances, he was not defenseless. Rouge then made Cream and Cheese come to him, and Clutch realized that the Chao was actually Cream's. As he praised Rouge for her cunning though, he heard Rouge utter what sounded like a codeword to execute some kind of plan. Though surprised by this, Clutch calmed down when nothing seemed to happen. Immediately after, however, he was knocked out by Shadow. Amy, Cream and Rouge then discovered the cage in which Clutch kept his Chao. The heroes thus decided to free the Chao and guard the unconscious Clutch.[3] In truth, however, Clutch only pretended to be unconscious. When only Amy, Cream, Cheese, Gemerl, and Belle were left in his suite, he managed to sneak away and fire a warning shot at Amy with his cane. He then activated the Badnik guards in his apartment, before leaving the heroes to their apparent doom.[5]

Trial by Fire[]

Seeing his home in White Park Zone and much of his accumulated property confiscated in the aftermath was a wake-up call for Clutch. Having realized that there was a new generation of do-gooders out there that he had never beaten or swindled, Clutch decided that this could not stand and so sought to rebuild his criminal empire. To start out, he began hiding out in a warehouse on Central City's docks, where he managed to move the remnants of his collection of Badnik parts and weapons that was not confiscated to, which he then planned to sell to other bidders. To help him with moving his precious cargo out of the city for his buyers, Clutch hired Rough and Tumble to carry them through his one cargo route in the sewers of Central City.[2]


Clutch being captured by Espio, from Sonic the Hedgehog #48.

Eventually, Rough and Tumble reported to Clutch that their route had been discovered by the Chaotix. As Clutch expressed his dissatisfaction with the results, he heard sounds from Espio creeping around, prompting him to fire several shots at him. Moments later, Vector and Charmy intervened. Though Clutch tried to sneak away while Rough and Tumble engaged Vector and Charmy in combat, he was soon caught by Espio. Clutch was then led to Vector and explained his motives. In response, Vector sank Clutch's entire collection into the sea by smashing the floor in the warehouse. Regardless, Clutch, though disgruntled by this outcome, managed to steal some of Espio's smoke bombs, which he used to escape, and took Rough and Tumble with him.[2]


In order to rebuild his wealth, Clutch founded Clean Sweep Inc., a company dedicated to cleaning up the broken Eggtech left behind Sonic and Eggman's battle. Clean Sweep, however, was a cover for both Clutch and his arms trade and his "means of accessing places others cannot", as he would secretly add the broken Eggtech to his own arsenal. However, he soon found himself competing with the Restoration, who not only did everything Clean Sweep Inc. did, but they did it for free and disposed of the Eggtech.

Not wanting all of the tech to go to waste, he went to great lengths to contact Mimic. Once the octopus arrived, he explained the situation to him and asked the shapeshifter to infiltrate the Restoration to undermine its efforts from within. Once Mimic expressed his doubts about the deal, Clutch informed him that he knew of his grudge against Tangle and Whisper, and mentioned they were a part of the Restorations new vanguard, the Diamond Cutters. On hearing this, Mimic agreed to his plan, knowing that it would also mean he would be a step closer to revenge. Clutch then officially welcomes Mimic into Clean Sweep Inc.[6]

Later, Clutch hired the Babylon Rogues to get a relic from Angel Island. This was done to throw the Chaotix off his tail while they investigated the robbery. Even though the Rogues didn't keep Knuckles from getting the relic, Clutch told Jet in a phone call that he would still be paid and their job was complete. After the call, Clutch meet with Jewel to finalize an agreement with Clean Sweep Inc. and the Restoration.[7] Sometime later, Clutch hired Rough and Tumble and used them on an operation to raze Starline Base Sigma. When Surge and Kit appeared and trounced the duo, Clutch appeared and explained the robots and skunks worked from him. Clutch explained to Surge he knew Dr. Starline and he was a client of his. He revealed he knew who Surge was, among other things. He also knew she didn't like Sonic or his friends and offered her to join him. Surge asked who he was, and Clutch introduced himself, saying what Clean Sweep Inc. was and his plan to get the Restoration out of his company's way. Clutch offered her to join in exchange for him telling everything he knows about her and Kit. Surge agreed and Clutch informed Mimic the imposters were infiltrating the Restoration.[8]

Clean Sweepstakes[]

On the evening before the race, Mimic, under the guise of one of the Restoration workers, talks about the upcoming races with Clutch, calling the Rouges "Airborne Maroons" always scrambling for treasure. For Team Sonic, Mimic tells Clutch he needs to stay off the radar, noting Amy to be the core behind their success and her finding out about Clutch's presence would cause their plan to become messy and fail. Mimic proposes to arrange something to better their chances. Clutch tell him to head over to Pre-race inspections and meet up with his "boys" who know of what Clutch desires. On the morning of the race, Mimic, now disguised as Duo, wakes up Surge and Kit. After dealing with the fallout of waking the duo up, Mimic tells the pair that Clutch has assigned them a mission; to click the button on the remote and mess up the hero's gear. Surge is unamused by the sneaky nature of the plan and would rather do something more bold. Clutch then walks in and reminds her how they were nothing until he found them, leaving Surge but no choice but to follow through with the assignment.

During the Clean Sweepstakes race, Clutch is shown siting with Jewel having some Chaos Cola. Jewel is repulsed by its sweetness and kindly declines the beverage. Clutch is amused by her reaction and tells her that it is an aqcuired taste. Jewel ponders if she should be down at ground level representing the Restoration, to which Clutch responds with a warning that being in the public eye is a recipe for trouble. He then tells of how an individual by themselves is approachable, fallible, and weak and Restoration should be seen as nothing more than an institution. Jewel counters this ideology, telling Clutch of how the Restoration has always tried to connect with the people it tries to help. Clutch assures her that they will help, but that changes are necessary. Jewel musses, to Clean Sweep Inc.'s credit, they have been impressive on the paperwork side. Clutch assures her that she hasn't seen the best of what his company has to offer, with plans to make their plans global scale. Jewel's alarm goes off as she realizes she has paperwork to do. Clutch stops her, noting how she'll miss the race. Jewel tells of how there is always paperwork to do and recalls how Clutch himself noted it was where she "shines".[9]

Duo after the second race goes and talks to Clutch saying how they should make the next supply drop go missing to keep Jewel busy, Clutch ask Duo to figure out who the Phantom Rider is in the next event. saying how he might be a threat to his plan[10]


Clutch is a highly collected and composed individual. Never showing any inclination of shock or surprise, he is extremely adept at keeping his emotions in check. He is also quite sly in his mannerisms and is not truly afraid of interacting with anyone (though he is still capable of being surprised, as seen when Espio held a kunai directly to his throat).[4][2] However, his calmness also makes him very intimidating; while he does not express his anger emotionally, he makes it evidently clear with firm statements and piercing glares.[2]

Clutch is highly intelligent and perceptive, having accurately seen through Rouge's attempts to disguise her identity and intentions, correctly guessed who Cheese's real trainer was after seeing her for the first time, and identified a seemingly random codeword after hearing it just once.[4][3]

Clutch loved participating in Chao Races and took great pride in his status as a champion. However, he admitted himself that he only treats his Chao well when they bring him victories. He does not treat Chao too kindly either; while he treats Chao that win for him well, he would remorselessly lock those that let him down up in cages with multiple padlocks, even if they failed just once. For this reason, his Chao tried to do their best so that they would not be punished.[3][5]

Clutch is also cunning and greedy and enjoys hoarding his treasures and trading weapons with his clients.[4][3] He claims to have fooled many of the heroes of the previous generation. After years of activity though, Clutch was satisfied with his retirement at the White Park Grand Chateau. However, he is also not one to stand by while heroes run about, especially those whom he has never been victorious over; after he was defeated by Amy, Rouge and Cream, he realized that a whole new generation of heroes had emerged into the world, many of whom he had not yet managed to swindle or defeat with his cunning. Seeing this as a wake-up call, he insists that this state of affairs cannot stand. As such, he has since decided to go back to the basics of his criminal life and rebuild his empire.[2]

Compared to Eggman, who constantly uses brute force against his enemies, Clutch is a lot more subtle and convoluted in his methods, akin to Doctor Starline. This is seen in his plot to undermine the Restoration, where Clutch installed spies in the ranks of the Restoration rather than mounting a direct attack on Restoration HQ. Clutch is aware of when brute force is the best course of action however, as evident by hiring powerful minions such as Rough and Tumble, as well as employing the various Badniks he has collected. Additionally, Clutch primarily relies on cheap shots, surprise attacks, and other dirty tricks when in combat himself, preferring to not directly confront his opponent to avoid capture or defeat.

Powers and abilities[]

Despite his age, Clutch is an experienced villain and a dangerous foe; at the height of his career, he managed to outwit and defeat an unspecified number of heroes.[2]

Thanks to experience, Clutch is a seasoned thief and a master criminal. He is an experienced pickpocket, capable of stealing small objects from his enemies, unnoticed.[2] As an opossum, he is also skilled at feigning unconsciousness. He was even able to make Gemerl believe he was unconscious, in spite of the robot's various sensors and scanning capabilities.[5] He is also a good marksman, capable of firing an accurate warning shot at Amy with his laser gun.

Clutch is a skilled Chao trainer and believes he can train the most promising ones into legends. A testament to his skills is the huge collection of various treasures he has accumulated in his apartment via Chao Races.[4]

Equipment and weapons[]


Clutch using his various equipment and weapons, from Sonic the Hedgehog #35.

Clutch's main weapon is his cane, which conceals a hidden laser gun. His diamond cufflinks also conceal buttons that activate his Badnik guards when clicked.[5]


Clutch's Chao[]

Clutch is pretty abusive towards any Chao that loses, as for the winner(s); he keeps the winning Chao until it loses.

Rough and Tumble[]

Mimic the Octopus[]

Rouge the Bat[]

Jewel the Beetle[]





  • According to writer Evan Stanley, Clutch is older than Eggman, and is meant to be of retirement age.[11]
  • Clutch shares many similarities to the Marvel villain Kingpin, both mostly wear white suits, are crime bosses whose empires are based in legitimate businesses that collect wreckage from battles and are armed with guns disguised as canes.
  • Clutch's habit of drinking rare versions of Chaos Cola is similar to how rich people in media having a habit of drinking expensive and rare wine.


Concept artwork[]

Model sheets[]


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