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This transformation exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Clunk, also known as the Unenviable Clunk,[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is the fictional protagonist of the Clunk superhero comic, and the mutated form of Bruce Bandicoot.


As the Clunk, Bruce becomes several times larger and much more muscular. His fur also turns fully purple, his fingers become sharper, and his eyes become completely white. His fur also grows longer on his chins and arms.


TV series


According to the Clunk comics, the Clunk was created when Bruce Bandicoot got exposed to absurdly dangerous levels of purple rays during a lab accident. This caused Bruce to mutate into the Clunk for the first time.[1]

Season two

Having read about the Clunk's origins in his comic book, Dr. Eggman was inspired to replicate the procedure that had created the Clunk on himself to become more powerful. However, the procedure would instead turn the doctor into a cuddly creature.[1]


  • Clunk is a parody of the Hulk, a character from Marvel Comics.
    • The Clunk's colors are an inversion of the Hulk's; instead of being green with purple pants like the Hulk, the Clunk is purple with green pants. This makes him look more like another Hulk parody, the Infraggable Krunk from Dexter's Laboratory.


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