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Clove the Pronghorn is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. In the Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline, she is an anthropomorphic pronghorn, and the sister of Cassia. Along with her sister, Clove is a regional Egg Boss of a division of the Egg Army stationed in an unknown sector of the planet.

Concept and Creation

Clove's initial designs were created by Aleah Baker, which was then elaborated on by Evan Stanley. During the development, changes to Clove's design included her hairstyle which involved either long hair, hair buns and short hair, different head shapes between round and oval, and different types of boots.[1]


Clove and Cassia were in charge of the excavation at a crystal cave that contained a Chaos Emerald to obtain the Emerald. However, their operation came to a halt when the cave's terrain proved too dangerous and could not proceed.[2]

After leaving the excavation site for a while, Clove and Cassia returned to it, only to discover that the mine had been attacked and the Badniks had been destroyed. As Cassia wished she had stayed to protect the excavation site herself, Clove replied that she would much rather not have Cassia being destroyed by the invaders, despite her sister's protests. To investigate if the intruders had retrieved the Chaos Emerald, Clove checked the footage from the security cameras and found out Miles "Tails" Prower, Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette were the invaders. Clove then reported to Eggman, who was displeased at his Egg Bosses' incompetence, about the invaders and was told to scrap the excavation and stand by for a new objective.[3]


Clove is an anthropomorphic pronghorn and stand slightly taller than Cassia. She has predominantly paris green fur with slightly large and curved ears, a medium-sized muzzle, four slightly longer and smooth turfs of fur on the back of her head, a short bushy tail, and short black antlers on her forehead. Also, she has white fur on her muzzle and in patches around her eyes, grey fur on the tip of her ears, on her eyelids and between her eyes, and possesses purple eyes. As attire, she has a gray and open Eggman Empire-inspired uniform resembling a cloak or a dress, with white buckles and yellow buttons. Additionally, she wears black one-piece pants/boots with silver accents, high heels, and yellow toes resembling hoofs. She also has white gloves with yellow pull string.


Clove is calm, collected and cautious, telling Cassia to calm down and carefully approach situations with unknown details. She is also very protective of Cassia, though to the point where she appears overprotective.[3]



Cassia is Clove's sister, with Clove serving as her parental guidance. She cares deeply for her sister and her well-being, as she constantly worries about Cassia's health and was willing to face Eggman's wrath over the excavation invasion alone to protect her.[3]


  • Like Cassia, Clove's name is a reference to the real life flower.


Concept Artwork


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