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The Cloud Burster[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a blimp-like vehicle made by Dr. Robotnik to spread acid rains across Mobius.



The Cloud Burster is a dark blue blimp-like vehicle. The windows of its cockpit on the front are split into five separate green windshields, and its turbine, which is located on the rear, is colored a dirty yellow.

Features and traits

The Cloud Burster's primary function is to create acid rain, which it does by releasing green acids from a pipe into the atmosphere. It is capable of both flight and ground-based transportation, and houses a Hover Unit for emergency escapes.[1]


Created to spread toxic rain across Mobius, Dr. Robotnik had the Cloud Burster get transported to the Island of Nimbus to be loaded with chemicals. While en route, Antoine Depardieu, Sally, and Bunnie Rabbot attempted to infiltrate the Cloud Burster in order to stop Robotnik's plan, but were instead captured by Snively and imprisoned on the Island of Nimbus.[1]

On the island, the Cloud Burster was flown by Dr. Robotnik and Snively once it was ready for take-off. Before it could release too much of its toxic chemicals though, the Cloud Burster got hit by an oil sprout triggered by Sonic the Hedgehog. Smothered in oil, the Cloud Burster crashed, although not before Robotnik and Snively managed to escape the vessel in a Hover Unit.[1]


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