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Sonic Boom
Closed Door Policy (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Closed Door Policy".

[Scene: Seaside Island, Day]

[An explode-o-nut lands on the ground. A monkey picks up a stone and just before it breaks the coconut open, the coconut beeps and explodes, burning the monkey. It is then chased off the scene by Eggman.]
[Dr. Eggman]: That's right. No one can stop me from turning every coconut on this island into deadly explode-o-nuts! Thanks to my fiendish Spider Bombs.
[Eggman presses a button on his Eggmobile's console that deploys four Spider Bombs from his Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Scuttle, my spiders. Scuttle!
[As the Spider Bombs scatter, one of them drills a hole into a coconut and crawls inside it. It beeps just before Sonic picks it up.]
Sonic: Is it just me or have Eggman's plans gotten a little... weird.
[Sonic throws the coconut up to Tails, who bats it up in the air. It explodes in mid-air.]
Tails: Exploding spider-bot coconuts? No. It's not just you.
[Sonic throws an explode-o-nut, which is caught by Knuckles.]
Knuckles: How can we tell a difference between regular coconuts and the explode...
[The coconut explodes in Knuckles' face. ]
Knuckles: [Coughs] Oh. I see.
[Sonic chucks another explode-o-nut up in the air. Amy knocks it towards Eggman with her hammer. The explode-o-nut explode near Eggman's Eggmobile.]
Amy: It's psychological. The spider-bots are an obvious cry for help and the coconuts indicate deep-seated mother issues.
Dr. Eggman: I do not have mother issues!
[Eggman grunts and deploys a ring of explode-o-nuts around Team Sonic with his Eggmobile. An alarm clock rings behind Amy's back. She reads the time on an alarm clock that she pulls out behind her back.]
Amy: Oh, darn it. I promised Sticks a girl's night out to the volcano. Can we wrap this up?
Sonic: Just when it was getting good.
[Knuckles uses the ground pound to lift the explode-o-nuts up in the air. Sonic jumps and redirects them all back at Eggman. They float around the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Mommy.
[The explode-o-nuts explode, damaging the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Curse you, Sonic! I just had this washed.
[Eggman tries to flee but his Eggmobile struggles, ejecting smoke.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

Amy: Come on, Sticks. The volcano's not gonna be open all night.
Sticks: The volcano closes?
Amy: It's an expression.
Sticks: Of what?
Amy: I don't know! It's an expression, it's just an expression!
[Sticks gives a confused look to Amy]
Amy: Come on. Getting ready is half the fun of going out. Like, what have you got in your purse?
Sticks: Purse?
Amy: A girl needs the essentials. [Rummages around her purse and show Sticks a cab fare] Cab fare; [Rummages around her purse and show Sticks a lip balm] Lip balm; [Rummages around her purse and pulls out a picture of Sonic] picture of a platonic friend that you have no romantic interest in.
Sticks: Purse, right.
[Sticks runs to her storage room and closes the door.]
Amy: Sticks! Are you OK? [Opens the door] Oh no!
Sticks: Purses are around here somewhere.
Amy: Sticks, you're a pack rat!
Sticks: No I'm not! [Thinks for a moment] A pack rat is some kinda dance, right?

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' Burrow, day.]

Amy: Thanks to all of you for helping with Sticks' yard sale. We all know she's a pack rat but together we can beat it. Right, Sticks?
Sticks: I don't think I...
Amy: Right!
Sonic: Amy, do you think maybe you're being a little too "take-charge"?
Amy: I'm only doing what anyone would do for a friend who's pathetic and hopeless.
Sticks: [Angrily] Hey, Hey!
Amy: Let the yard sale begin!
[Amy blows the whistle. Sticks covers her ears.]
Sonic: [Grumpily] Nope. Not too "take-charge" at all.
[Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Sticks stand behind the counter. The first three customers walk in on the yard sale.]
Fastidious Beaver: How much for this stick beehive?
Sticks: I can't sell that! My great-ant gave it to me.
Fastidious: Then how much for this cow skull?
Sticks: No! That's where I keep my stick beehive!
Fastidious: How about this wad of moss?
Sticks: [Snatches the moss] Not that moss! If you hold it sideways under a full moon it looks like Amy. With two noses. And a beard.
Amy: Five bucks for all of it.
[Fastidious walks away slowly, dragging a sack of stuff behind him. Sticks grunts furiously.]
Amy: Just breathe.
[Sticks folds her arms in disgust.]
Tails: [Picks up a crystal and shows it to Knuckles] Look, Knuckles. A zoocheye crystal cluster. Perfect to build a Hyper Exo Manifier! Don't you think?
Knuckles: Umm... What came after "Look, Knuckles"?
[Tails gives a stern look to Knuckles. Meanwhile Eggman walks in on the yard sale and picks up a comic. He tries to hide it in his pocket but gets a fright from Sonic.]
Sonic: Hey! What are you doing there?
Dr. Eggman: I... was... going to buy this.
Sonic: Ten bucks.
Dr. Eggman: Ten bucks?! Highway robbery!
[Eggman puts the comic back on the table. He and Sonic both walk away from each other. With Sonic out of sight, Eggman tries to steal the comic again. He tries hiding it in his pocket, but gets caught by Sonic again.]
Sonic: Ahem!
Dr. Eggman: Eh... Two bucks?
Amy: Guys, could you move this couch to the other side of the yard?
Knuckles: You got it.
[Knuckles and Tails try to move the couch. While Knuckles has no problem, Tails struggles to lift it. Meanwhile Eggman tries stealing the comic again, but Sonic catches him again.]
Sonic: Ahem!
Dr. Eggman: Three bucks, and not a penny more!
[Ahead of the camera, Knuckles carries the couch, with Tails being dragged along the ground.]
Lady Walrus: How much for this stump helmet?
Amy: Four bucks. Right, Sticks?
[Sticks threatens to grunt again, but Amy stuffs her mouth with an item. Sticks muffles a response.]
Tails: What luck! This rock would make a perfect focusing lens for my Hyper Exo Manifier. All I need is a refracting chamber and an influx reflector. Right, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Do you use big words just to make me feel, uh... Uh... What's that word that means not smart?
Tails: Obtuse?
Knuckles: Yeah see?
[Tails put his hands down and shows a miserable look]
Knuckles: That's what I'm talking about.

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Behind Sticks' burrow is a door covered by a surfboard. Amy tries to pull the surfboard off but gets distracted by Sonic.]
Sonic: [Off-screen] Amy, how much for this granite ottoman?
Amy: Be right there! Just grabbing the last of this stuff!
[Amy pulls the surfboard off the door. A noise is heard behind the door. Amy hears the noise but it stops.]
Amy: Oh well, coming!
[As Amy walks away, the noises reoccur. She shrugs her shoulders and walks further away with the surfboard. She runs back to the door and looks around. She finds a spoon and picks it up.]
Amy: Forgot this spoon.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Sonic looks over Eggman. Sonic shakes Eggman's body, revealing all kinds of items that the doctor has stolen and hidden on his person, including the comic.]
Dr. Eggman: Three and a half bucks?
Amy: When this is over you'll feel so much better. A clean house is a happy house. Now how much should we charge for that old surfboard I found?
Sticks: Wait. Old surfboard made of the hardest wood in the forest blocking the granite border with the evil skull on it?
Amy: Yeah. So?

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Sticks runs to the mysterious door and listens to it. The door shakes.]
Sticks: This is the cave of the evil Froglodytes. [Pushes the door] That surfboard was there to keep it shut!
[The door is barged open, pushing Amy and Sticks out of the way. The Froglodytes yell at the girls.]
Amy: Oh. Whoops.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Sonic is putting the comic book back at the counter.]
Amy: Sonic!
[Sonic rushes over to help. Knuckles and Tails follow Sonic.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.] [Sonic notices the girls are trying to hold the Froglodytes back.]

Sonic: What's going on?
Sticks: Amy took down the surfboard, which was the only thing protecting us from the horde of Froglodytes invading from the very bowles of the world!
Amy: [Quickly] My bad.
Sonic: Now you're talking!
[Amy gives a stern look.]
Sonic: About the invading horde I mean, not the part about you screwing up.
[Sonic and Knuckles charge at the Froglodytes. Knuckles assists Amy and Sticks into holding the Froglodytes.]
Knuckles: Whatever you got for the surfboard Amy, it was totally worth it.
Sticks: Oh! Here's the only thing between and a horde of evil monsters. I'll just sell that for three bucks.
Knuckles: Because a clean home is a happy home.
Amy: [Angrily] Okay! I get it!
[Sonic gets surrounded by Froglodytes, unable to move.]
Sonic: I could use a little help here. That is, if you guys are done making fun of Amy, who, by the way, totally deserves it.
[Suddenly, Sticks gets captured by the Froglodytes and taken into the cave.]
Sonic: Sticks!
[As soon as they capture Sticks, all the Froglodytes return to the cave and close the door. During this, Sonic lands on his head as the Froglodytes let go of him.]
Tails: The Froglodytes took her!
Amy: What do we do?
Knuckles: Hmph, blame you?
Amy: After that!
Sonic: We go in and rescue her!
Tails: I wish my Hyper Exo Manifier was finished!
Sonic: Look. I'm sure you'll find the part you'll need. We got a whole junkyard of stuff here.
[A Montage plays as Team Sonic improvise their weapons. Knuckles smooths out a pair of rock gloves. Tails builds his Hyper Exo Manifier. He pulls the trigger but nothing comes out, leaving Tails sad. Amy loads up a can full of beehives attached to a strap. She puts it on like a rucksack. Sonic is shown putting things together. Knuckles experiments with a chair and a couch as a form of defense. Amy wears a plank on her arm as her form of protection. Tails rebuilds the Hyper Exo Manifier. He pulls a trigger and smoke comes out, leaving Tails sad. Sonic finishes building and reveals that he was making a chili dog.]
Sonic: Time to take in the trash,
Knuckles: What does that mean?
Sonic: [Shushes Knuckles] It's a dramatic moment.

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves.]

[Sticks is seen bound with rope and put on an altar in front of the Frogymandias statue. The Froglodyte High Priest is standing in front of the altar, with the rest of the Froglodyte behind him.]
Priest Froglodyte: [Church voice] Oh, great Frogymandias. Accept this humble sacrifice! [Quietly] Really humble. Scrawny actually. [Church voice] We've been stuck down here for so long, you'll take anything. [To Sticks] Have you anything to say before you were sacrificed? Oh, wretched soul...
[As soon as the Priest takes off the rope covering Sticks' mouth, Sticks bites his finger. The Froglodytes gasp in horror. Sticks releases herself and bends the Priest's arm backward.]
Sticks: You got a lot of nerve for somebody who lives in my basement.
Priest Froglodyte: There's one of you and oh let's see, one, two... a bazillion of us.
Froglodyte: Um, sir. Og is home sick.
Priest Froglodyte: [Grumbles] A bazillion minus one of us. [To Sticks] What chance do you think you have?
[A coconut hits the Priest's head, making him trop his staff.]
Sticks: Hey! I know that coconut!
Sonic: Give us back our friend!
[The Froglodytes start throwing their spears at Team Sonic.]
Sonic: Couch!
[Team Sonic hide behind Knuckles' couch to intercept the spears. Afterwards, Knuckles throws the couch of spears back at the Froglodytes, knocking them over.]
Amy: I knew this stuff would come in handy.
Sonic: No you didn't. Let's get 'em!
[Sonic rolls down the steps and spin attacks some Froglodytes. More of them charge up the steps.]
Amy: Beehive! [Throws beehive] Beehive! [Throws beehive] Beehive that still got bees in it! [Throws beehive]
[The last beehive opens and bees come out, forcing the Froglodytes to retreat.]
Tails: Taste my Hyper Exo Manifier!
[Tails fires a shot and freezes a Froglodyte.]
Tails: It works! It actually works! [The Hyper Exo Manifier burns to ashes] Frown.
Knuckles: You look tired. Have a seat!
[Knuckles throws a chair at the Froglodytes. The chair cracks and knocks a few of them down.]
Knuckles: [Laughs] I crack myself up.
[Sonic spin attacks some more Froglodytes and steals a cub from one of them. He hands it over to Sticks.]
Sonic: Sticks. Need this?
Sticks: Hey, thanks.
[Sticks hits the Priest with the bat off-screen.]
Sonic: Come on. Let's blow this frog-like stand.
[Team Sonic escape to the door.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[When everyone comes out, Sonic closes the door.]
Sonic: Now to block this door forever.
[Amy pushes a shelve furniture towards the door and blocks it.]
Amy: Designer shelving, sturdy, and good feng shui.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' Burrow, day.]

Sticks: I don't know about you guys, but I need a trip to the volcano.
Amy: Really? Great!
[Sonic notices Eggman trying to steal the comic again. He rushes over to him.]
Sonic: Ahem...
Dr. Eggman: 3.75?
Sonic: Fine.
[Eggman hands the change over to Sonic. Eggman sits in-front of a tree, ready to read the comic. An explode-o-nut falls from the tree and explodes, destroying the comic and leaving Eggman covered in smoke.]

[Scene Change: Volcano, day.]

[Sticks and Amy throw rocks into the lava.]
Amy: Woohoohoo! Mine went farthest before it melted.
Sticks: No! Mine went farthest before it melted.
Amy: Sticks, are you worried about the Froglodytes coming out again?
Sticks: Nah. I think they'll be fine.
[Amy and Sticks laugh and throw some more rocks.]

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves.]

Priest Froglodyte: My brethren. We are trapped.
[The Froglodytes gasp.]
Priest Froglodyte: But this old furniture totally brightens up the place. Og, move that coffee table over here. It really ties the cave together.
Froglodyte: Um, sir. Og is home sick.