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Sonic Boom
Closed Door Policy

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"Closed Door Policy" is the thirty-first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 6 May 2015 in France and on 17 July 2015 in the United States.


When Amy realizes that Sticks is a packrat, she forces her friend to have a garage sale to get rid of all the junk that's accumulated in her burrow. During the sale, a secret locked door to an underground world is removed and an invading horde is set free.



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Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are in the midst of thwarting Dr. Eggman's newest plan of using his Spider Bombs to turn Seaside Island's coconuts into "Explode-o-nuts". As they knock the explosives back at the Eggmobile, Sonic and Tails note the absurdity of this plan, while Amy believes the doctor's actions are a cry for help and a result of "mother issues". As the team becomes surrounded by Explode-o-nuts, Amy is reminded of her girls' night out with Sticks, so Sonic and Knuckles finish the fight by sending all the bombs back at Eggman and forcing him to retreat.

At Sticks' Burrow, Amy tells Sticks to prepare for their trip to the volcano, so Sticks enters her storage room in hopes of finding a purse. Amy follows and is shocked to see all the items that have been hoarded. She then declares Sticks a packrat and promptly holds a yard sale for all Sticks' stuff against her will. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails also help set things up; Sonic warns Amy of being too pushy, but she dismisses his concern with a self-righteous attitude.

The yard sale is underway, and customers show up to look. However, Sticks is unwilling to part with anything, causing Amy to sell the goods instead, to Sticks' irritation. Tails finds a few components for his Hyper Exo Manifier, but talking to Knuckles about it proves pointless. Meanwhile, Eggman appears, and Sonic is forced to deal with his attempts at shoplifting and haggling. Amy then enters Sticks' burrow to look for any more items to get rid of and finds a surfboard wedged in front of a stone slab. She takes it, unaware of the ominous design of the slab and the noises it emits upon the board's removal.

Amy goes back outside, but when she mentions the surfboard, Sticks becomes alarmed and runs back to the stone slab. Amy follows suit, where Sticks explains that the surfboard was barricading the doorway to the caves which hold a horde of evil Froglodytes. Soon after, the creatures burst open the door and the girls try to hold them back. Amy's cry for help prompts assistance from the boys, who also struggle with suppressing the Froglodytes. Knuckles, Sticks, and Sonic then mock Amy, as they believe this is payback for her meddlesome ways. Suddenly, the Froglodytes retreat back into the hole while dragging Sticks with them. Though her friends are determined to rescue her, Tails feels unprepared, since his Hyper Exo Manifier isn't ready yet, but upon Sonic's suggestion, the gang improvises weapons with the items in the yard sale and are ready to enter the Froglodyte lair.

Deep within their dwelling, Sticks is tied up and gagged and the Froglodytes prepare to sacrifice Sticks to their god, Frogymandias. Before the Froglodyte High Priest can do so, Sticks breaks free from the ropes and puts him in an armlock. The high priest is unconcerned due to the difference in numbers, but Sticks' friends then show up to help with Sonic leading the attack. Despite their numbers, the Froglodytes are no match against the team and their makeshift weapons. Upon the horde's defeat, Team Sonic hastily exits the lair and barricades it once more.

Outside, Sticks remembers the girls' night out, so she and Amy head to the volcano, leaving the boys in charge of the yard sale. Sonic finds Eggman still loitering about, and decides to accept his bargain. The doctor walks off to read his new comic book, but a stray Explode-o-nut destroys it. While together at the volcano, Amy asks Sticks if she is worried about the Froglodytes breaking out, but she believes they would not mind being trapped this time. Indeed, the Froglodyte High Priest is shown appreciating the furniture left behind by Team Sonic.



  • When Eggman pays Sonic for the comic book, the things Tails used for his Hyper Exo Manifier is still on the yard sale table even though they were destroyed during the rescue of Sticks.

Regional differences

  • In the French dub, the villagers can be heard talking during the yard sale, as well as the Froglodytes croaking.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 关门法则 Closing Rules
Finnish Ovi jota ei pidä koskaan avata A door not to be ever opened
French Bon débarras Good Riddance
German Politik der geschlossenen Türen Policy of closed doors
Hungarian A zárt ajtó titka The closed-door's secret
Italian Non aprite quel portale Do not open that gate
Japanese ガラクタを捨てよう! Let's Throw the Trash Away!
Korean 아무거나 버리지마 Don't throw out recklessly
Persian در مخفی استیکز In Secret Sticks
Polish Polityka zamkniętych drzwi Policy of closed doors
Portuguese (Brazil) A Política da Porta Fechada The Closed Door Policy
Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian Politica ușilor închise Closed door policy
Russian Тайна закрытой двери Mystery of the closed door
Spanish (Latin America) Puertas Cerradas Closed Doors
Spanish (Spain) Política de Puerta Cerrada Closed Door Policy
Turkish Mağara Kapısı Açılınca When the cave's door is opened
Ukrainian Політика зачинених дверей Closed Door Policy


  • This episode was originally meant to air on 22 November 2014 in the US.[4]
  • This episode was originally called "Hoarding the Horde."[4]
  • When Sonic kicks the coconuts with the Spider Bombs in them, The Blue Danube plays in the background.
  • The background song played when Team Sonic prepare to go after the Froglodytes and while fighting them is based on the theme song for the The A-Team.
  • The Italian title of the episode is a reference to the italian name of horror movies The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Non aprite quella porta).
  • The scene where Amy questions if Eggman has "mother issues" could possibly be a nod to Momma Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The volcano in this episode uses the same model as the mine seen in "The Sidekick".
  • The term "explode-o-nut" was previously used in Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.


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