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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind

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"Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" is the eighth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the eighth episode, it aired as the thirty-third episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • Carmen Miranda


Scratch and Grounder race down a road, complimenting Dr. Robotnik for creating his latest invention, the "Electro-Suction Plate", which has a magnetic pull strong enough to stop Sonic from running. Placing the device on the ground, the two hide and activate the plate's powerful suction beam. However, the beam flies right up into Mobius' atmosphere just as Prince Charnock and his advisor Splorg fly past the planet from their extended vacation, Splorg reminding the touring prince of his coronation in two hours time. Prince Charnock decides to briefly visit Mobius, desiring to explore it. However, their spaceship gets caught in the suction beam and is dragged to the ground where it is wrecked.

Sonic and Tails witness the crash landing and race to help Prince Charnock and Splorg. Splorg panics about their wrecked ship whilst Prince Charnock is more interested in taking photos. Scratch and Grounder approach the aliens, capturing them to remove their ship to retrieve the Electro Suction Plate. Sonic and Tails arrive, Sonic freeing the aliens and tossing the Badniks off a thousand-foot cliff. Sonic returns to the aliens, and greetings are made, Prince Charnock revealing he is to be king of the planet Rhombus. Splorg interrupts and reminds that unless Prince Charnock does not return to Rhombus within the two hours he mentioned to become king, his baby brother legally becomes king and he will more than likely order for Mobius' destruction. Sonic agrees to assist the aliens rebuild their ship, racing around Mobius and collecting the scattered pieces. Splorg uses a device to automatically reconstruct the spaceship. However, he realizes two vital pieces are missing; the cockpit's pressurizing canopy and the navigational nosecone with an embedded miniature steering chip.

Scratch and Grounder clamber back up the cliff, Grounder's nose repeatedly falling off. Sonic, Tails and the aliens walk through a forest of curly trees, Prince Charnock commenting they have "nothing like [the trees] on Rhombis" (which becomes a running gag in the episode). He nearly gets bit by a snake but Sonic saves the oblivious prince. They come across a river where Tails spots the pressurizing canopy on a tree branch and retrieves it. Scratch and Grounder appear, attempting to use the suction plate again, but Prince Charnock is too interested in taking photos of a sunfish. But the Badniks have it backwards and end up magnetizing themselves to it before falling down a waterfall. Sonic and co. continue on, finding a quarry filled with rocks shaped like sports equipment (dominoes, bowling equipment, etc.) Splorg spots the nosecone, Sonic getting it. Scratch and Grounder reappear and fire the suction pad again but instead magnetize a boulder who causes a landslide, burying everyone and saving Tails and Splorg. Sonic and Prince Charnock emerge, and run off with Grounder's nose, whilst the Badniks find the nosecone.

Back at the spaceship, the aliens panic with only twenty-five minutes to go, but Sonic realizes the object they have is Grounder's nose and comes up with a plan to regain the nosecone. The Badniks realize what they have and place the nosecone in the suction plate hoping Sonic will attempt to steal it but get stuck in the process. Grounder decides to telephone Dr. Robotnik to tell him of the events. Dr. Robotnik is busy cleaning his beloved Egg-O-Matic when he receives the call from Grounder and heads out to aid his minions.

Sonic, Tails and the aliens find the Badniks, Sonic revealing the aliens plan to use Grounder's nose as their nosecone and go to leave. Grounder goes hysterical at the thought of never seeing his nose again, and gives chase and Scratch following to try to tell him that it is all a trap, Sonic and co. tossing the nose about until Sonic drops it on the suction plate and snags the real nosecone when Scratch turns off the plate. The enraged Scratch tortures Grounder using the suction plate and then proceeds to crush his nose using the plate. Sonic arrives to finish off the Badniks, dressed as a woman with fruit on his head, like a fruit-hat but decides to leave upon seeing Scratch taking care of Grounder's nose.

Returning to his friends, Sonic finds them at Dr. Robotnik's mercy. Tails has been captured, Dr. Robotnik threatens to atomize Tails into molecules unless Sonic surrenders himself, and also happens to possess the nosecone. Sonic ends up bound and gagged in a cage, and Dr. Robotnik tosses the nosecone to the aliens. While Splorg is more than eager to rush away, Prince Charnock is objective and laments he would not be much of a king he cannot help those who have helped him. Getting an idea, Prince Charnock goes to Dr. Robotnik and compliments the Eggomatic, asking if he can take a picture of it. Dr. Robotnik agrees, but Prince Charnock deliberately bumps into the domino-shaped rocks, causing them to collapse on top of Dr. Robotnik and the Eggomatic. Prince Charnock frees Sonic from his bonds and gag and the group race for the spaceship with few minutes remaining.

The aliens rebuild the ship and leap into it with only five minutes to spare, Splorg realizing they will have to go to hyperspeed to reach Rhombus. Sonic asks Prince Charnock why his baby brother wants to destroy Mobius, but the prince reveals his brother is literally his baby brother, only being two years old. The aliens fly off into space, Prince Charnock referring to Sonic and Tails as "jolly good fellows".

Sonic Sez

In the clip, Sonic and Tails sunbathe under an umbrella on a beach. Tails complains on how he wants a suntan quickly like the Sun Fish that is bathing nearby. Sonic sits up, reminding Tails to do it the safe way by putting on sun cream. While Tails complains again, Sonic informs him that he could get sunburn which could last for a long time. The Sun Fish demonstrates this when he gets sunburn and leaps up in pain.

Tails: "I want a great suntan like that sun fish over there, but I'll never get it sitting under this umbrella."

Sonic: "Patience, Tails, you'll get your tan the right way." (gives Tails a tube of sun screen)

Tails: "Sun screen? that'll take all day!"

Sonic: "The damage of one bad sunburn can last the rest of your life, getting burnt is bad news! (the sun fish leaps and yells in pain, as Tails puts on the sun screen and Sonic talks to the kids) "Use sun screen, and don't stay out too long. Your tan may take a little longer, but it's a zillion times safer!"


  • As Grounder and Scratch materialized the nose cone, when Sonic and Tails arrived, the nose cone was gone, but at the next scene the nose cone appeared again.
  • Right before Robotnik gets crushed by the stone pillars, his shadow layer briefly fails to match up with him for two frames.
  • When Sonic talks to Prince Charnok before he's ready to go, the animation segment with Grounder telling Scratch to stay away from his nose replays instead.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Rencontre avec un prince Meeting with a prince
German Unheimliche Begegnung der sonicschen Art Close encounter of the Sonic kind
Italian Un incontro assai gradevole A very pleasant meeting
Japanese とても特まで Very Far Out
Portuguese (Brazil) Encontros Imediatos do Grau Sonic Sonic Degree Immediate Encounters
Portuguese (Portugal) Encontros Imediatos do Grau Sonic Sonic Degree Immediate Encounters
Spanish (Spain) Encuentros en la fase de Sonic Encounters in the Sonic phase
Spanish (Latino) Encuentro cercano del tipo Sonic Close Encounter of the Sonic Guy


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • The alternate names for this episode is "Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind" and "Way, Way Out There".