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Climbable Ceilings[1] are a gimmick that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are a type of ceiling that indicate where the player can use Arm Swing.


The Climbable Ceilings are horizontal surfaces covered entirely in deep red and rough-edged crystals on the bottom.


The Climbable Ceilings' purpose is to provide ways for Knuckles to traverse the environments in the game's levels using his specific character abilities. In gameplay, they indicate the areas on the ceilings that the player is able to utilize Knuckles' Arm Swing on to climb across them. To use the Climbable Ceilings in gameplay, the player just has to touch them, either by jumping or with a gimmick like a Bounce Pad.

Climbable Ceilings do not necessarily provide safe passages. Some of them have their path blocked by breakable obstacles and others have spiked balls, which can cause damage upon contact, attached to them and the player must navigate around them.

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