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Claws is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a male anthropomorphic polar bear, and convicted bank robber.


A convicted bank robber, Claws fled to the Polarzone after escaping from prison. When Tails went in search of him, he shot down the Tornado with a laser blaster. After a brief fight, which saw Claws get caught in an avalanche caused by his own blaster, Tails was eventually knocked unconscious when Claws burst out from beneath the snow.

Claws tied Tails up and placed him on a melting ice floe. Just before Tails sank into the water, Claws bragged that the money he stole is still in his duvet back home, and that the law had never thought to wonder why a polar bear needed to keep warm in winter. When Tails sank, Claws assumed his adversary was gone forever and began to ponder how he might spend his hoarded cash. However, Tails was rescued by the penguin Willie Waddle, and launched a surprise attack on the Claws, knocking him down. The felled convict was re-arrested by local police, who would also look for the money in his duvet. Claws was, at least, glad to be taken away from Willie Waddle's punning.[1]


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