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The banners of the clans of the Iron Dominion symbolizing their Brides

The Clans (also known as houses) are a group of rival factions in the Dragon Kingdom of Mobius. Each clan was limited to one particular species of Mobian.


There were four clans in total, each battling during the Clan Wars. In 3237, the leader of the Yagyu Clan was slain by the Bride of Four Houses, who took the clan as her own. Following this, Regina spread rumours to each of the clans that the other ones had joined the Iron Dominion, and used the Yagyu to randomly support the clans in various battles between them, thus convincing them this was true. Subsequently, the three remaining brides, fearing their clans would be overrun, swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion. However, due to a variety of reasons, each clan was eventually convinced to break ties to the Dominion, leaving it far less powerful.



  • The banner of each Clan symbolizes the name of each Bride that leads them.
  • It was writer Ian Flynn who explained each clan is limited to one race of Mobian.
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