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Claire Voyance is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She was an anthropomorphic howler monkey and the psychic op of the Diamond Cutters. She was betrayed by their infiltrator Mimic and killed by Shadow Androids.


Claire is a short, green furred, anthropomorphic monkey with light green on her muzzle, the inside of her rounder ears, and the outer side of her grayish blue eyes. she has longer hair on the the top and the sides of her head and a long, curly tail. For attire, Claire wears a cream dress with four black buttons on the top level, gray leggings and a gold earring on each ear.

Claire wears a military outfit matching that to the other Diamond Cutters: a black, hooded cloak, tall, black gloves with gray palms, and gray boots with dark gray toes. For missions, she would wear a circular cream mask with a gray lower part. The mask has three holes at the center and a circular, green "mouthpiece" with a black marking surrounding it.




Powers and abilities

As the group's psy-op, Claire possessed extrasensory perceptive abilities, allowing her to gain information without the use of normal senses. Her abilities enabled her to sense targets from a distance. Additionally, Claire's powers included slight precognition, as she had a "bad feeling" before her final mission.[2]

Weapons and Equipment

Claire used a mask during missions which would grant her communication with her teammates over large distances as well as translate the language of the Wisps. The mask also had a built-in camera and was networked, so that all teammates could watch the footage as means of reviewing mission performance and studying each others' perspectives.[2]

Claire also used a Hover Wispon, which was powered by her Green Wisp companion. Claire would use both its offensive and utility functions during missions.[2]


Claire's abilities could be hindered by alpha wave projectors, making her unable to sense targets. She is, however, able locate where the alpha waves are at their strongest.[2]





  • Claire's name is a pun of the word "clairvoyance".


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