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The city annihilator bomb[1] (都市殲滅爆弾 toshi senmetsu bakudan?) is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a bomb developed by the Black Arms to take down Central City.


Mission icon - City annihilator bomb.png

The city annihilator bombs are huge, purple, organic-looking devices resembling a stubby bud, with a light blue column of light shooting out from the top of their center and a blue aura surrounding them.


In Shadow the Hedgehog, the city annihilator bombs appear only in Central City. In gameplay, they can be destroyed by using the Homing Attack and the various weapons in the game, though when they are, they create an explosion that can hurt the player should they be caught in it and damage the surrounding objects and enemies. They play a vital role in Central City where the Black Arms have set them up to conquer the city and weaken its defenses. In the Dark mission of this Stage, the player has to destroy five of them within the time limit to complete the mission. Sometimes, the bombs are sealed within Cases, meaning the player has to defeat the surrounding enemies to open them.


  1. Sonic Team (18 November 2005). Shadow the Hedgehog. PlayStation 2. Sega. Area/Level: Central City. "Doom's Eye: Remember! The city annihilator bombs stay active for only a few minutes. Do not fail your mission!"

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