City Top Title

Loading screen for City Top.

City Top is a multiplayer battle stage in Sonic Heroes. When playing through all three Battle stages, City Top is the first stage.


It's in the same area as the first team fight in all stories (except for the last story), which is Grand Metropolis, but occurs during the night. It takes place on a platform in the air in the city, with vehicles flying about.

Players go about the stage, using the many tricks of their chosen team, whilst collecting the Rings that have been scattered across the stage. Just like the single player stage, you can also get Power Cores that power up whatever character colour the picture on the capsule shows, or what colour the core is. You can also knock players off of the sides of the stage, preventing the leader character that got knocked off from being used. However, that player can be brought back by using the team's Team Blast.

The winner in this stage is whichever team can force the opposing team off the stage first.


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