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City Course is one of the multiplayer stages for the Bobsled Race mode in Sonic Heroes. When playing through all three stages of Bobsled Race, this is the second stage in order.


The setting is a city similar to Grand Metropolis, on a black road with white lines. There are no obstacles that will throw characters off the bobsled, but there are plenty of Dash Rings to keep the player accelerating at maximum speed, most of which require the player to jump into them. There are also many crates on the track that must be avoided or jumped over; smashing into them slows the player down considerably. The first team to complete three laps of the course wins.




Sonic Heroes - Urban Course

Sonic Heroes - Urban Course

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  • Like the Xbox release where the clouds were removed from the city levels for a reason, the clouds aren't present on this level. The cars are also absent from the course.
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