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Citadel Robotnik from Sonic the Comic #55. Art by Rob Corona and Timothy Marx.

Citadel Robotnik is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was the main headquarters of Doctor Ivo Robotnik during the latter half of his dictatorship of Mobius.


Based in centre of the Metropolis Zone,[1] it served as his capital building, and allowed him to keep a much closer eye on his people than had been possible from his earlier bases in the Special Zone and Launch Base Zone.

Robotnik maintains an office in the Citadel, with Receptionik acting as his secretary and personal assistant.[2] He also has a laboratory in the basement, which is where he constructed Commander Brutus.[3]


The Citadel was built after the destruction of the Death Egg II and the abandonment of Robotnik's old Egg Fortress.[4][5]

Following the electromagnetic pulse that knocked out all of Robotnik's computer systems, Robotnik and Grimer returned to the Citadel hoping to use the power generator in the basement to re-boot his empire. However, this plan was thwarted by Sonic, who spun the generator so fast that it overloaded the power core and the entire Citadel was destroyed in the ensuing explosion, firmly toppling Robotnik as the ruler of Mobius.[6]

In the days following Robotnik's defeat, an organisation called D.R.A.T. began meeting in secret in the abandoned armoury beneath the ruins of the Citadel. When they were discovered by Amy, Johnny Lightfoot and Tekno the Canary, they fled and found a new meeting place.[7]


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