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Chun-nan's treasure is an object that appeared in Sonic Unleashed. It is the Chun-nan's most precious treasure which the villagers believe has protected them from disasters. Its true purpose is to open Chun-nan's Gaia Temple.


The treasure is an ancient, possibly magical, crystal orb with a golden dragon figure surrounding it.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

Coming into the possession of the villagers of Chun-nan, the treasure was passed down passed down through generations of villagers for ages, who credited it as a good luck charm that kept their village safe.

When the earth was shattered by the awakening of Dark Gaia, the global tremors caused the treasure to roll outside the village. The village elder Zonshen left to get it back. Eventually, the treasure would end up in front of Chun-nan's Gaia Temple with Zonshen unconscious beside it. Both were later found by Sonic the Werehog and Chip. After Sonic beat the Dark Gaia Phoenix, Chip found the treasure and used it by mere coincidence to open the Gaia Temple's doors. Afterwards, it can be assumed that Zonshen brought the treasure back to the village as promised.

Wii/PlayStation 2

The treasure was with Zonshen when he ended up unconscious in front of the local Gaia Temple, just before the Dark Gaia Phoenix attacked. What happened to it after the phoenix's defeat is unknown.

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