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Zonshen grandson and a true meat bun connoisseur. He dreams of one day becoming a meat bun critic who eats nothing but meat buns all day. Due to his voracious appetite, Chun has been growing by leaps and bounds... Well, horizontally, anyway.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Chun (チュン Chun?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Chun-nan, the grandson of Zonshen and a relative of Yilin.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

Growing up in Chun-nan, Chun had his gluttonous nature satisfied by the famous meat buns from the local restaurant. Whenever Chun needed treatment, his grandfather Zonshen would take care of it, though Chun found his grandfather's medicines disgusting and his physical treatments painful.

Shortly after the earth was shattered during the events of Sonic Unleashed, Chun learned that his grandfather went missing when he left to find the village's treasure, leaving Chun very worried about his grandfather's well-being and wondering where he went. When Chun later met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they arrived in Chun-nan, he told them about his grandfather and explained that when he got this worried, he got all hungry, before wondering if there was anything to eat around there. When Sonic and Chip returned from saving Zonshen, Chun thanked them when they returned for bringing his grandfather back and remarked that he could quit worrying and go back to being hungry before asking Sonic and Chip if they had any food on them.

Not long after, Chun and his village came under attack from Badniks, who Chun believed had come to steal their food. Fortunately, Sonic and Chip soon returned, and Chun asked for Sonic's help when he met them. After Sonic managed to defeat and drive Eggman's forces off, Chun expressed his gratitude to Sonic for saving them when he return and had him promise to come back to the village soon.

When Sonic later returned to seek help from Zonshen to cure him of his Werehog form, Chun and Yilin told Sonic and Chip about their grandfather, with Chun telling about how Zonshen was both the village elder and a famous doctor. Chun then explained that it was thanks to his grandfather that he was so "hearty", but Yilin remarked that he was just fat, which made Chun ask Sonic to keep his overeating a secret. Later, when Sonic had gathered the herbs need for his cure, Chun and Yilin noticed how much fun Zonshen had making the cure for Sonic, and later passed this information onto Sonic, where he agreed with Yilin that Zonshen's behavior was peculiar though he wondered what "peculiar" meant.

When Zonshen had the cure ready, Chun warned Sonic that his grandfather's medicines tasted disgusting. Yilin, however, was confused over Chun's statement as he ate everything and called him weird, but Chun remarked that she made a big fuss about Zonshen's medicine as well. After Sonic had taken Zonshen's medicine, which proved ineffective against his condition, Chun asked Sonic if his grandfather's medicine was as bitter as he said it was and told him that he became sick just thinking about it

The following night, Chun and Yilin learned that Zonshen tried to cure Sonic with pressure point techniques, and later told Sonic about Zonshen's plan and how this technique hurt. As Zonshen’s pressure point techniques failed to cure Sonic, however, Chun was both sad to hear from Sonic that it did not work and surprised that it did not hurt.

After that, Zonshen prepared to use his Zonshen Qigong technique to cure Sonic. Chun and Yilin both saw Zonshen preparing the technique and later told Sonic that their grandfather was trying his best and was preparing for a "big bang". However, both Chun and Yilin became worried about Zonshen as he became so wrapped up in his cure that he forgot to take care of himself. Later the same night, Chun asked Sonic if his grandfather was trying to cure him. When it was confirmed and Yilin had explained Zonshen's behavior, Chun had really begun to worry about Zonshen. Thinking that Zonshen had to be hungry now, Chun asked Sonic if he could bring some of their grandfather's favorite snacks to get better with. Sonic accepted the request and soon returned with the snacks, to which Chun was overjoyed for. However, Chun then began considering eating them himself, but was scolded by Yilin for considering it. Pulling himself together, Chun headed out to give the snacks to Zonshen. After Zonshen was back to normal thanks to the snacks, and had treated Sonic, Chun asked Sonic if he was now cured, but was surprised to hear that he was not.

After a while, Chun and Yilin met Charles from Empire City who had come to learn about Zonshen's treatment techniques, but they did not want Charles to meet their grandfather yet, so they held Charles back. Deciding that Charles would not get to see Zonshen before they had had some fun with him, Chun and Yilin decided to have Charles do tasks for them before they let him through, with Chun getting to go first. When Charles asked Chun what it would take to meet Zonshen after he had held back for a while, Chun made the deal that if Charles could bring him three meat buns to satisfy his current hunger, he would let him through. Eventually, Chun got his meat buns and began eating them with great delight, before he was asked by Charles to take him to Zonshen. Recalled their deal, Chun told him that he would take Charles to Zonshen as soon as he was finished with the meat buns. After having eaten his meat buns, Chun met Sonic and Chip again and told them that if they were looking for a meat bun, he had already eaten them all, though he wished that he had some more.

Despite having promised Charles to take him to Zonshen, Chun did not keep his word and instead let Yilin have her fun with Charles, to which Chun remarked to Sonic and Chip when he met them that Charles would be Yilin's next victim. After Charles had completed his task for Yilin, Chun told Sonic how impressed he was that Charles had not given up yet.

After finally having brought Charles to Zonshen, Chun and Yilin later watched as Charles continued to argue with Zonshen about the tasks he had given him and Zonshen getting angry with Charles' behavior, to which Chun replied that Charles at first seemed kind of worried and later angry after speaking to his grandfather.

During Sonic and Chip's battle with Dark Gaia, Chun was one of the people from his village who saw the local Gaia Temple rise up from the earth when Chip called it to him.

Wii/PlayStation 2

Shortly after the earth was shattered during the events of Sonic Unleashed, Chun learned that his grandfather went missing. Some time after, Chun met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip who had just arrived in Chun-nan. Chun explained to the duo that his grandfather was the elder of the village and that he had been gone for a long time, leaving everyone worried. Chun then told Sonic and Chip that worrying made him hungry before asking Sonic and Chip if they had any food on them. Later on, when Sonic and Chip managed to bring Zonshen back to the village, Chun was surprised hear that his grandfather was back, before yelling out in joy and relief. Chun then planed to find Zonshen and ask him if he had brought any food back with him.

Later on, Sonic and Chip met up with Chun again, where Chun again thanked Sonic and Chip for saving his grandfather. He then remarked that he was once so worried and now he was hungry, and began looking through his pockets to find something to eat. Instead, however, Chun found Soundtrack 40 and wondered how it got there. Chun then gave Soundtrack 40 to Sonic as he could not eat it.

When Sonic and Chip later on tried to talk to Chun again, the young boy remarked that he had nothing left in his pockets to give to them.

During Sonic's and Chip's battle with Dark Gaia, Chun was with some of the people from his village who saw the local Gaia Temple rise up from the earth when Chip called it to him.


Chun is gluttonous about food and loves to eat. A true meat buns connoisseur, he dreams of one day becoming a meat bun critic who eats nothing but meat buns all day.


  • One possible interpretation of Chun's name in Chinese is "春", meaning "Spring".


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