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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Chumley,[1] also known as the Walrus Baby,[3] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic baby walrus and the youngest child of Lady Walrus. He is well-known for always ending up in dangerous predicaments, partially as a result of his caretakers' poor grip on child safety.[2]

Concept and creation

Chumley received his name as a nod to Tennessee Tuxedo's walrus sidekick, Chumley the Walrus.[4]


Chumley with his pacifier.

Described as ugly,[5] Chumley is a small anthropomorphic walrus with lavender fur and clear blue eyes. He has a small torso with baby fat, stubby legs and arms, and a large round head. His facial features include a medium-wide grey muzzle, a black snout, and a tuff of hair on his head. For attire, he wears a white diaper secured with a blue safety pin, and white-soled pink shoes with red cuffs. Sometimes, he sucks on a pacifier.


TV series

Season one

Chumley in peril.

During Fire Bot's attack, Chumley was caught by the robot and almost put into a burning house, but Sonic saved him and returned him to his mother.[6] He would later get up on and fall down from a roof, but was rescued and returned to Lady Walrus by the newcomer Swifty the Shrew.[7]

When sheep stampeded through the village, a chain of events sent Chumley flying to his doom until Sonic brought him back to his mother.[8] Chumley was later taken to Puppy Con where he once again ended up in danger, much to his mother's shock.[9] Another time at Meh Burger, Chumley would mimic Team Sonic's horsing around, prompting Lady Walrus to take him away and find a "precarious edge" for him to play on.[2]

Season two

Chumley having his candy stolen.

During a crime wave, Chumley had his candy stolen by a Weasel Bandit while he got insulted on public TV. He soon after got himself into another dangerous situation.[5] Chumley later accompanied his brother and mother to the beach and Meh Burger, during which they tried out adding Knuckles to the family.[10] It was not after that that Chumley would again get up somewhere high and fall down, leaving it to Sonic to save him and return him to his mother.[11] He would later be protected from Sticks, who at the time was scorned by the Village due to her ancestry, by his mother when Sticks talked to him.[12] Another time, Chumley joined in on the Muckfoot Mania that had swept his family and Village.[13] Chumley and his family soon after went on a picnic, during which they nearly got trampled by a widabit stampede. Fortunately, Knuckles would appear and protect them.[14]

Chumley was eventually put in the Village's outdated daycare center (which he desperately tried to escape).[15] No less than a few hours later though, he would be protected from malware-infected robots by Lady Walrus.[16] When Eggman then opened "Eggman Towers", the Walus Baby came with his mother and brother when they checked in there. In the hotel, he and his family would be taken hostage by Eggman for an evil scheme. Team Sonic however, ensured that Chumley was freed from Eggman's captivity alongside his family, with Eggman Towers getting blown up around them in the process.[17]

Chumley under the care of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

When Lady Walrus took Chumley outside, she got injured by Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. To make this up, the trio agreed to babysit Chumley while Lady Walrus recovered. However, Chumley proved to be more than a handful for the trio. When Eggman later attacked them with his Badniks, Chumley wound up in Eggman's Eggmobile where he messed with its console for Eggman's machines, allowing Team Sonic to rescue him and beat Eggman. Seeing Chumley enjoy the violence, Team Sonic figured out how to best care for him and gave him a good time. Chumley later wandered off while Team Sonic slept, but showed up at his house in time for Team Sonic to return him to his mother.[1] Chumley soon got into trouble again though when he wound up dangling from a tree. Fortunately, he was saved by Sonic and returned to his mother when a Bee Bot-corrupted Tails refused to help him.[18]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Chumley held by her mother, from Sonic Boom #5.

While Chumley was resting with his mother, Dr. Eggman appeared to compliment him. However, Lady Walrus thought Eggman was after her baby and told him off.[19]


Chumley is a very playful, curious and grateful tyke who loves to cuddle up. A pretty regular infant, Chumley has a simple and underdeveloped mind. As such, he enjoys the simpler things in life, like toys and playing, but is quick to cry when feeling upset or uncomfortable. He is also shown to enjoy gratuitous violence, physical activities, and excitement in general.[1][6][8]

Chumley has a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations, although not always voluntarily. Being so young, Chumley is very impressionable and will try imitating others' behavior, whether if it is good or bad.[2][6]


Lady Walrus

Chumley being held by his mother.

Loving being close to her, Chumley has a healthy relationship with his mother, Lady Walrus, for a baby his age. After getting rescued from danger, he is always happy to be reunited with his mother.[6][8] Lady Walrus is similarly always happy to have her child by her side and only wants what is best for him despite her poor grip on child safety.[2][8]


  • Chumley and Stratford are the first background characters in the Sonic Boom television series to receive new names for the plot of an episode.


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