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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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In a world where time has stopped completely, the pursuit of scientific knowledge... will ultimately be meaningless. We'll never be able to use our knowledge to make real progress. Every day would be the same. I think you'll agree that a world where nothing ever changes will be a boring place to live.

— Chuck Thorndyke, "The Beginning of the End"

Chuck Thorndyke (チャック・ソーンダイク Chakku Sōndaiku?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is an elderly human, as well as the paternal grandfather of Christopher Thorndyke. A scientist and inventor, Chuck loves conducting experiments, creating inventions, and discovering new technologies. He is also a close friend of Miles "Tails" Prower, whom he has created many inventions with, including the X Tornado.


Chuck is an elderly human of short stature. He has tan skin, wisteria eyes, thick eyebrows, wrinkles beneath his eyes, and gray hair that is combed backwards. His attire consists of a blue shirt with a collar, a green and dark green-striped sweater that he wears over his shirt, a white lab coat, brown pants, and purple shoes with no laces and a bright stripe down their middle.




Chuck's passion has always been to create machines and discover new technologies. He is also known to be a long-time fan of baseball.[4]

When he was young, Chuck participated in wrestling, and became known as "Thorndyke the Throttler".[1] Eventually, Chuck had a son who came to be named Nelson Thorndyke. Nelson would eventually marry Lindsey Fair, who would later give birth to Chuck's grandson - Christopher Thorndyke. However, because Nelson and Lindsey chose to focus on their careers for the sake of Chris, Chris rarely saw his parents. Chuck did not try to remedy this void in Chris' life however, because he was too absorbed in his research.[5]

New World Saga

Chris trying to hide Sonic from Chuck.

After Chris turned twelve, Chuck heard from the news that a blue hedgehog had outrun the Speed Team last night. Going to Chris to tell him the news, he found the blue hedgehog sitting next to his grandson. Thinking this hedgehog to be a robot, Chuck attempted to dismantle him until Chris told him the truth - that this hedgehog was an organic being from another world and that his name was Sonic. Initially shocked, Chuck quickly learned that Sonic's friends, Cream and Cheese, were in need of rescuing. Asking around, Chuck found out that Cream and Cheese had been taken to Area 99 to be studied by the military. Sonic set out to rescue them, but Chuck stopped him, knowing he could not simply break into Area 99 and back out like that: he needed to think things through.[6]

Chuck soon after took Sonic and Chris to the vicinity of Area 99. There, he gave Sonic an Infrared Scope to stay in contact with him and Chris and see the area's laser sensors. Aided by Chuck and Chris, Sonic was able to breach the base, where he managed to rescue Cream and Cheese. The trio then escaped Area 99 with the aid of Tails, who carried them off in the Tornado 2. Back at the Thorndyke Mansion, Chuck was properly introduced to Tails, Cream and Cheese, and was impressed by the microchip paper airplanes Tails had used to cripple Area 99's security systems. Taking a liking to Tails, Chuck tried asking him where to find his world and its technology.[6]

Chuck watching Tails take care of the Tornado 2.

Chuck would later observe Tails' care-taking of the Tornado until he went out with Chris to search for Sonic. However, they were unable to find him. When Dr. Eggman and E-23 Missile Wrist later attacked Station Square, Chuck saw Tails and Chris take off in the Tornado 2 to handle the situation. In the process, the group recovered Amy, who took up residence in the Thorndyke Mansion.[7] Not long after, Chuck overheard Sonic and his friends' explanation of the Chaos Emeralds to Chris and of how they brought Sonic and co. to Earth via Chaos Control. While Chuck believed that the Chaos Emeralds were probably gone, Sonic explained that the Emeralds had merely been scattered, meaning that if the Emeralds were on Earth, they could gather them and use them to get Sonic and co. back to their world. When the green Chaos Emerald later surfaced in Station Square at a construction site, Chuck saw Tails and Amy take off in the Tornado 2 to get the Emerald. After they and their friends returned with the Emerald, Chuck was worried about keeping it in his lab until Tails promised to adjust his equipment for him.[8]

When Chuck prepared to analyze the Chaos Emerald with Chris and Tails, Ella tried to get into Chuck's lab to clean it. In order not to draw attention, Tails pretended to be a plush toy while Ella was there. When Ella started to notice something was wrong however, Chuck and Chris took Tails outside. There, they came across Mr. Tanaka, who insisted that Chuck took it easy. Despite telling him that he had no need for that, Tanaka took Chuck away to take a nap.[9] Chuck, while having breakfast with Sonic, Tails and Amy, later got a visit from Chris, who asked Sonic and co. to lay low while his parents were back home. After Chris left for school, Chuck told Tails and Amy about Chris' parents and their careers. Later that day, Chuck welcomed back his son and his wife when they arrived. Chris, however, did not come back from school at the intended time. Although amused by how quickly Nelson lost his cool, he told him to calm down and wait for Chris when he tried calling his people. Eventually though, Chris came home, and Chuck had a nice dinner with his family.[10]

Chuck and Chris talking about what to do with Sonic and his friends.

Soon after, Lindsey planned to organize a house party, prompting Tanaka to force Chuck to wear a suit, much to his discomfort. Before the party, Chuck talked with Chris about keeping Sonic and co. hidden from the guests. Once they saw that Cream and Cheese were out in the open however, they covered for them when Lindsey was about to spot them. Chuck later retreated to his room until Chris came and revealed that Cream and Cheese were wandering around again. Having him, Chris, Tails, and Amy split up to cover more ground, Chuck looked around outside until he stumbled over some flower pots. In an attempt to avoid suspicion, Chuck pretended like nothing was wrong when Ella checked up on him. Chuck then came through the window to greet Chris' teacher, Mr. Stewart, who had come to visit Chris. When Cream then revealed herself, Chuck helped convince Ella that Cream was just a toy. When Sam Speed then arrived, Chuck had to help cover for Cream (as well as Sonic). When Cream then, in anger, erupted at Chris for thinking ill of his mother, who had to leave the party early to attend a movie, in front of the guests, Chuck tried to distract everybody by having a confused Ella dance with her. After the party, Chuck and Mr. Tanaka (who knew about Sonic and co.) helped convince Chris to let Ella in on the alien guests they were harboring. The following evening, Chuck and everybody else saw Ella and Cream solidify a dear friendship.[11]

When Bokkun arrived at the Thorndyke Mansion with a message from Dr. Eggman, who explained that his E-90 Super Sweeper was currently sucking up the Earth's satellites from the stratosphere, Chuck burst in to explain what the stratosphere was in simplified terms. Chuck then tried to take Bokkun out, only for the robot to detonate one of his Television Bombs in Chuck's face. Afterward, Chuck saw Sonic and Tails take off in the Tornado 2 to destroy Super Sweeper. However, they failed, and had to return home. Deciding that the Tornado 2 was no match for Super Sweeper, Tails thought about using their Chaos Emerald to boost the biplane, although the problem would be to get rid of all that excess energy. Chuck therefore took Tails to his secret laboratory where they worked together to create the X Tornado, a jetplane that could run safely on the Chaos Emerald. Later, Chuck helped the X Tornado take off by clearing its runway. After Super Sweeper was destroyed by Sonic, Tails and Chris with the X Tornado's aid, Chuck congratulated Sonic for a job well done back home.[12]

Chuck bidding farewell to Chris and their friends.

When Chris and the Thorndyke Mansion's staff had to go attend the opening of Hotel de Blanc at Emerald Coast, Chuck stayed at the mansion with Sonic. Eventually though, Chuck learned that Eggman was attacking Emerald Coast, which he informed Sonic of when he returned from a run by showing him the news. Immediately after, Bokkun dropped by with a bomb-based invite which blew up in Chuck and Sonic's faces. While Chuck was stupefied, Sonic ran off to save the day.[13] During dinner later on, Chuck and his friends received a video from Eggman via Bokkun who alerted them to the presence of a Chaos Emerald at the soon-to-be-demolished Diamond Stadium. In the video, Eggman challenged them to a game of baseball. Afterward, Bokkun began pelting Chuck and co. with baseballs until Ella got rid of him. Hurrying to Diamond Stadium, Chuck was ecstatic about going to the stadium of his favorite baseball team. There, Eggman issued his challenge: they would play a game of baseball, and the winner would get away with both the Chaos Emeralds they had found. Being a fan of baseball, Chuck accepted the challenge on behalf of everyone. Afterward, Chuck and Eggman began laying down the rules. Despite some difficulties against Eggman's team, Chuck, Sonic and their friends managed to take the lead, prompting Eggman to cheat by escaping with one of the Emeralds after having one of his E-21 Ballios threaten Sonic's life as a distraction. Chuck was not set back by this however, as he was sure that they had learned an important lesson from the game. In addition, the show that Chuck and his friends had put on against Eggman convinced the Diamond Stadium's owner to move the stadium's turf to the new stadium and keep the groundskeeper to maintain it.[4]

Back home, Chuck met Sonic and Cream when they were looking for Tails, and told them that Tails, Chris, Amy and Frances had left in the X Tornado a while ago. Soon after, Chuck received an annonymous phone call that told him that Chris and his friends were in danger at Tingalin Villa, prompting him to send Sonic there.[14] Later, Chuck was with Cream and Cheese when a news report came on as the President announced that G.U.N. was to attack Eggman's headquarters. Chuck continued to watch the coverage on TV as the X Tornado appeared to assist G.U.N., which ended with Sonic emerging victorious from Eggman's decimated fortress with both of the Chaos Emeralds that Eggman had acquired by that point, while G.U.N. managed to destroy Eggman's fortress as well.[15]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Chuck and his friends arrive at the White House.

Not long after the attack on Eggman's base, Chuck, Sonic and their friends received an letter from the President, who invited them to a charity ball at the White House. Excited about the invitation, Chuck, Chris, Amy, Tails, and Cream decided to accept the invitation. Sonic refused to go, however, due to other obligations with Helen. Arriving later at the White House with his friends, Chuck gave the President's advisor, Jerome Wise, the bad news about Sonic before joining the ball. After spending most of the day and the evening at the White House, Chuck saw Sonic arrive with Helen to greet the President. Afterwards, Chuck shared a laugh when Jerome Wise passed out from frustration when he discovered that the media he stalled until Sonic showed up were fast asleep.[16]

Some time afterward, Chuck presented Sonic and friends with the official documents that gave them full civil rights and allowed them to travel around the world. Not long after, Chuck bid Sonic, Chris, and their friends goodbye when they went on a vacation to the Sapphire Sea. After they had left however, Chuck had Mr. Tanaka follow Chris to keep him safe.[17] Soon after, Chuck joined Sonic, Chris, and their friends on a luxury cruise organized by Nelson. On the cruise, Chuck managed to stay in good spirits. Chuck soon after got involved in the stir-crazy Sonic's scheme to get back on dry land, but quickly realized Sonic's motives. When the cruise later reached the icebergs, Chuck joined Tails and Chris on the deck while staying out of Amy's way, who was currently mad at Sonic. It was then that Eggman attacked with his Egg Fort II. Fortunately, Ella showed up in the X Tornado and repelled the Egg Fort II alongside Sonic.[18] Later, back home, Chuck was awoken in the middle of the night when Sam Speed arrived to challenge Sonic to a race in his new Rocket Car. As Sonic tried convincing Sonic to compete, Chuck was less than impressed by the lengths Sam had gone to organize this race. After Sonic finally agreed to race however, Chuck served as the flag marshal at the start of the race. Afterward, Chuck went to the local stadium where the finish line was and observed the rest of the race, which ended in Sonic's victory.[19]

Chuck's reaction after hearing his son's plan for Lindsey's anniversary surprise.

One day later on, Chuck was called by Nelson, asking him, the family and his friends to come to Filmdom City. Nelson planned on presenting a wedding anniversary ring he bought to Lindsey on the set of her latest movie. However, Chuck soon discovered that the ring was another Chaos Emerald, which had not adapted to the others yet, thereby causing it to become unstable when exposed to other Chaos Emeralds. When Nelson's plan fell apart after he tripped and caused the Emerald to become unstable until it was contained again, Chuck tries to intervene in the argument that erupted between his son and daughter-in-law, but both of them told him to stay out of it. Things avoided getting worse however when Eggman crashed the set in the Egg Fort II to claim the Emerald and sicced E-74 Weazo on the Thorndykes. Though E-74 was destroyed by Sonic and Knuckles, Eggman got away with the Emerald. Chuck, however, was just satisfied to see his grandson, son, and daughter-in-law gain a newfound love for each other, and celebrated Nelson and Lindsey's anniversary with everyone else.[20] When Sonic later went on a rampant run he could not stop (all due to a chip from E-88 Lightning Bird that had gotten stuck in his ear), Chuck would develop several plans to stop the hedgehog. The first one involved attaching a bubble to Sonic; the second one involved trapping Sonic in a giant hamster wheel; and the third involved having Sam lead Sonic into a field of glue. However, none of Chuck's plans succeeded. After the last plan failed however, Tails and Chuck discovered a signal emanating from Lightning Bird. Eventually, Sonic arrived and took care of Lighting Bird, knocking the chip in his ear out in the process.[21]

With the heroes' latest objective being to find the last Chaos Emerald, Chuck saw Sonic and co. take off in the X Tornado to look for it. Chuck, however, was concerned that Eggman would be looking for the Emerald too. Later, Chuck went to buy parts for his machines. During the following evening back home, Chuck saw Chris return home late. The next day, Chuck discovered that the Chaos Emeralds he and his friends had gathered were gone. He also found a note from Chris that said that he had taken the Emeralds to help Sonic and co. get home. As Chuck wondered about what this meant, Sonic suddenly left.[22] Learning soon after that Chris had been taken prisoner by Eggman, along with the Chaos Emeralds that Sonic and his friends had collected, Chuck set out with Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese in the X Tornado to try and rescue Chris. Upon catching up to the Egg Fort II however, it transformed into the E-99 Eggsterminator, making it too dangerous for Tails to get close enough to engage it. Making matters worse were the Beetles from GUN blocking their path. However, Sonic, soon got hold of all seven Chaos Emeralds. Transforming into Super Sonic, Sonic destroyed the Eggsterminator, thereby inducing Chaos Control. Tails warned Chuck he would be sent back with them to their world, but Chuck assured Tails it would be his honor to go back with them. However, rather than sending himself and his friends back to their world, Super Sonic instead brought the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island to Earth.[23]

Chaos Saga

Chuck having breakfast with Chris and Cream.

Six months after Super Sonic brought the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island to Earth, Chuck would enjoy some breakfast with Chris and Cream (since Sonic and his other friends had moved out of the mansion). While there, Chuck offered Chris to come with him to Mystic Ruins after school to see him test a new aircraft model at Tails'. While Chris declined since he and Cream had a meeting with Lindsey, Chuck understood, and bid Chris farewell when he left for school.[24] Soon after, Chuck met Sonic and Chris at the Thorndyke Mansion when they returned with a new friend from Sonic's world: Big the Cat. Big explained that he was looking for his buddy Froggy, who took off after swallowing something weird that drove him crazy and eat the Chaos Emerald that Big had found around the same time. Also learning of the threat of Eggman's new ally, Chaos, who grew stronger for each Chaos Emerald it absorbed, Chuck realized that they would need to gather the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman did, or Chaos would become unstoppable. Chuck later took Tails and Sonic to the mansion after they crashed in the X Tornado following an aerial battle with the Egg Carrier. There, Chuck and Sonic watched Eggman's attack on Station Square on the news while an injured Tails laid unconscious on the couch. After Tails awoke, Chuck brought the fox cub up to speed. When Chuck then expressed concern for whether or not Amy and Cream got caught up in the chaos of Eggman's attack, Sonic went to check on them.[25] Not long after. Chuck and Mr. Tanaka saw Sonic and Tails take off in the repaired X Tornado so they rescue Amy, who had been kidnapped by Eggman's goons.[26]

Deciding to follow Sonic and Tails just in case, Chuck found Amy and Tails after they escaped from the Egg Carrier, and drove them back to the Thorndyke Mansion. There, Chuck watched Eggman launch a missile that would destroy Station Square on the news. Fortunately, Tails managed to disarm the missile before it exploded.[27] Soon after, Chuck watched Tails' heroic deed on the news, through which he, to his surprise, heard Tails' real name for the first time. When Tails then had to get past the crowd of grateful citizens outside the mansion without calling any attention to himself, Chuck came up with an idea that let Tails sneak past them.[28]

Chuck and his friends in Station Square.

When Chaos acquired all seven Emeralds and transformed into Perfect Chaos, the chaos creature launched an attack on Station Square, devastating the city with a disastrous flood. Before the flood reached the Thorndyke Mansion, Chuck urged everyone on the estate to evacuate, only to hear from Ella that Chris had not come home yet. When they decided to leave anyway, Chuck and co. had to leave Mr. Tanaka, who decided to wait for Chris, behind. Traveling to the site of Perfect Chaos' rampage, Chuck and his friends came before Sonic when Cream handed one of the inert Chaos Emeralds over to Sonic after Perfect Chaos finished draining the Emeralds of their negative powers and let them go. Chuck then witnessed the friends and foes of Sonic bring the Emeralds to him. Harnessing the Emeralds' positive powers, Sonic became Super Sonic and took on Perfect Chaos. During the battle, Chuck and his friends nearly got annihilated by Perfect Chaos, but were protected by Super Sonic, who subsequently defeated Perfect Chaos and neutralized its anger. With Chaos reverted back to its base form, Chuck saw a much happier Chaos depart with the echidna spirit, Tikal.[29]

Shadow Saga

With the Thorndyke Mansion undergoing repairs from Perfect Chaos' attack, Chuck, along with Chris, Mr. Tanaka, Ella, Cream and Cheese had to move to an apartment in the capital for a few months until the repairs were done. Bidding their friends and family goodbye, Chuck and co. made their departure. After arriving in the capital, Chuck busied himself in his replacement lab until he noticed that Chris was moping around due to homesickness. In an effort to cheer up his grandson, Chuck reminded Chris of how Sonic and his friends had adjusted to life on Earth after leaving their home.[30] Later, however, Chuck saw what appeared to be Sonic stealing a Chaos Emerald from the National Museum of Art on the news. While the others refused to believe that Sonic was a thief, Chuck doubted that Sonic was innocent until his friends chewed him out. Later, Chuck received a call from Nelson, who told him that Sonic was battling government robots on Downhill Street. With Chris seeking to find out the truth about Sonic, Chuck took him and Mr. Tanaka to Downhill Street. There, they saw Sonic having a duel with Shadow the Hedgehog, the person who had been framing Sonic. After Shadow fled when the police arrived, Sonic decided upon insistence from Chris to not resist arrest anymore. As such, Sonic was incarcerated on Prison Island. The next day, Chuck remained behind as Amy, Tails, Chris, and Mister Tanaka went to bust Sonic out of Prison Island.[31]

Chuck and Tails working on the X Tornado.

Chuck, Sonic (who had been broken out of Prison Island) and their friends later learned on the news that Prison Island had been destroyed. However, no casualties were found, much to his relief that Chris, who had vanished during the break-out of Sonic, was okay. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Eggman demonstrated his newly-acquired Eclipse Cannon by destroying half of the moon with it. In an effort to stop Eggman and rescue Chris, whom they in Eggman's captivity, Chuck and Tails began modifying the X Tornado so that it could take them to Space Colony ARK, a space station space orbiting Earth where Eggman's base was. While working, Chuck saw that Tails had created a replica Chaos Emerald to give the Tornado an extra power boost.[32]

After Sonic and his friends departed, Chuck saw an old recording of Gerald Robotnik on TV that revealed that the Space Colony ARK was on a collision course with Earth and would destroy the planet upon impact. Fortunately, Super Sonic and Super Shadow returned the ARK to a stable orbit with Chaos Control.[33]

Egg Moon Saga

Chuck offering Chris some comfort.

Because of Super Sonic and Super Shadow's usage of Chaos Control, more and more things from Sonic's world began to show up on Earth. Concerned, the President consulted Chuck about it, but Chuck assured him there was nothing to be worried about. During the following evening, Chuck offered Chris some comfort when the youth began feeling glum over the recent events. Later, back at the Thorndyke Mansion, Chuck and Sonic's friends saw a news report that documented Eggman restoration of the destroyed half of the moon, turning it into the "Egg Moon". With the work finished within minutes, Chuck begrudgingly acknowledged Eggman's brilliance. Immediately after, he saw Amy grow frustrated by Sonic being late for their date and hitting something invisible with her hammer as she vented her anger. He was then confronted by Vector and Charmy of the Chaotix, leading to a scuffle before Sonic arrived with Vector's client, Vanilla, allowing her to reunite with her daughter Cream.[34]

Chuck later went with Chris and all of Sonic's friends to celebrate the first sunrise of the New Year on the Thorndyke yacht, only to have it ruined when the Sun was eclipsed by the Egg Moon. When Eggman announced that the Egg Moon was malfunctioning and needed repairs, he offered his Sunshine Balls to remedy the situation until the eclipse ended. Without warning however, Sonic began destroying the Mirror Towers that provided power to the Sunshine Balls, much to Chuck and the others' shock. As a result, an angry mob led by Jerome Wise attacked the Thorndyke Mansion where Chuck and his friends were currently residing. Chuck tried to talk sense into the angry mob, only for the mob to break through the mansion's gates and attack him.[35] Chuck and his friends promptly retreated into the mansion, only to be cornered by Jerome and the mob. Though Amy knocked down a wall to allow Chuck and everyone else to escape, they were soon encountered more people from the mob. Fortunately, Sam and the Speed Team arrived and forced the mob to disperse. It was soon after revealed by Sonic that Eggman was in control of the Egg Moon and was using it to create the eclipse. After everything had been cleared up, Eggman and his lackeys wound up being incarcerated while the Egg Moon was returned to its natural orbit. During this, Chuck would celebrate the return of the Sun with Ella, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla in the mansion.[36]

Emerl Saga

Chuck scolding Nelson and Lindsey for their reckless behavior.

Eventually, Chuck and Tails would examine a robot named Emerl that Cream had found. They tried to analyze Emerl's data in hopes of uncovering his origins, but discovered that Emerl's program data had somehow been erased. While having tea in the living room with his friends however, Chuck saw the sudden arrival of Lindsey and Nelson, who had come to see Chris after hearing of his slight fever. This prompted Chuck to scold the both of them for recklessly abandoning their work. Chuck and Nelson in particular continued to quarrel until they decided not to talk to each other. To lighten the mood, Lindsey suggested they should all bake a cake. After arriving in the kitchen however, they were attacked by the electronic appliances. Fortunately, Sonic came to their defense. When then coming to see to Chris when more appliances attacked him, the saw the robots being disabled by water. As Chuck guessed that this problem, which only Eggman could be behind, was city-wide, the water supply was suddenly cut off, eliminating the appliances' weakness. Seeing the water supply as his company's responsibility, Nelson opted to take part in the repair of the city's water system. Proud of his son, Chuck had Amy and Tails take him wherever he was needed to go. Later, Chuck received a phone call from Nelson, who explained that to restore water to the city, they had to unlock the local dam. Chuck and Tanaka thus flew out there in a helicopter, with Chris and Lindsey joining them on the way. At the dam, Chuck and his family helped open for the dam, and the water it provided was enough to stop the rampaging appliances around Station Square.[3]

Not long after, Chuck notified Sonic that Chris had not come home from school and that Cream and Cheese were missing, prompting Sonic to go look for them.[37] When the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up then arrived, which offered a Chaos Emerald to the winner, Nelson signed Chuck and Chris up for the tournament. When the time came for Chuck to go up against E-77 Lucky however, Chuck strained his back during his warm-up and had to be taken to the hospital. He soon returned to the tournament arena in bandages where he watched Chris' fight with Nelson, and was surprised to see his son getting beaten easily by Chris.[1] Later, after recovering, Chuck commended Chris for choosing to forfeit his fight against Knuckles. Afterward, Chuck and Chris would watch the match between Rouge and Amy. After Emerl won the tournament however, he went berserk from the energy of the Chaos Emerald he received as his prize. Chuck tried to help Sonic and co. stop Emerl, but could not do much more than analyze Emerl's rampage through Station Square. Fortunately, Cream and Cheese managed to do the robot in for good.[38]

Homebound Saga

Chuck setting off with his friends to find Murasia.

Shortly after the Emerl incident, Chuck and his friends saw on the news that the Seahawk, a ship carrying important technology, was lost at sea during a fog. Knowing that the Seahawk could not have encountered any fog-related accidents out at sea, Chuck figured something was up and contemplated investigating it. Soon after, Knuckles and Dr. Cadberry came to the Thorndyke residence, who revealed that Eggman's lackeys had stolen an ancient map of the world from them. Chuck worked closely with Cadberry as the latter explained that there once existed a continent named Murasia, which had since sunk. However, with the map, they had been able to locate an island fragment of it. Chuck himself suspected a connection between the disappearance of the Seahawk and this new discovery. To unravel the mystery, Chuck joined Chris, Cadberry, Sonic, and their various friends on a voyage to the Murasian island. Before they could reach the island however, they were attacked by Dr. Eggman and his Egg Battleship. Via Bokkun, Dr. Eggman then told Chuck and the others of his plan to blow up the world's hotspot, which happened to be beneath Murasia, and trigger volcanic eruptions around world that would bring the world to ruin and allow him to build the Eggman Empire upon the world's remains. As the battle against the Egg Battleship began, Chuck and Tails tried to fix the X Tornado, which was in pieces. Fortunately, the GUN Fort V3 soon showed up and came to the aid of Chuck and co. Together, they managed to destroy the Egg Battleship, but Eggman and his lackeys managed to escape to Murasia.[39] Pursuing Eggman to the island which held the entrance to the underground caves of Murasia, Chuck and Dr. Cadberry set up base on the island in order to investigate the seismic vibrations in the underground. As Sonic and his friends descended underground and into Murasia in their pursuit of Eggman, Chuck would follow them through a video link. During Sonic and his friends journey however, Cadberry detected that an underground volcano was about to erupt and warned Sonic and co. of the danger. Ultimately, Eggman was stopped and everyone managed to get off the island just in time before the volcano erupted.[39][40] Chuck and Tails also managed tp put Decoe and Bocoe back together after salvaging their remains.[41] Having brought the robotic duo onboard Chuck and his friends' ship, Decoe and Bocoe renounced their allegiance to Dr. Eggman since the doctor had abandoned them in Murassia.[39][40]

Back home, Chuck attended a family barbecue organized by Nelson and Lindsey after they took some free time off. During the festivities however, Chuck received a phone call from the President who gave greenlight for Project Homebound and informed him that Christina Cooper and Dr. Kim Bickley were coming to the Thorndyke mansion. During the subsequent meeting with Cooper and Dr. Bickley, it was revealed that Sonic and his friends had to return to their home world. Otherwise, time would stop forever. However, Chris overheard the conversation and refused to believe that Sonic had to leave. Chuck tried to convince Chris that this was how things were, but Chris, believing Eggman was behind this story, refused to listen and ran away to get the answer from the mad doctor. Chuck, however, understood how his grandson felt, and decided not to go after him. As Chuck then cleaned up from Chris' outburst with Tails, Chuck reflected on how bad things would turn out if time came to a stop and told Tails that he was going to miss him. Later, after Chris returned home, Chuck worked with Tails on Project Homebound to create a gateway that would allow Sonic and everything from his world to return there.[42]

Chuck bidding goodbye to Tails.

Although Chuck and Tails were able to make progress with the gateway, they lacked an important computer chip. Fortunately, they received the chip they needed from Sonic (courtesy of Dr. Eggman), allowing Chuck and Tails to finish the gateway. At the site of the gateway however, Chuck and Tails lacked power needed to start it. Sonic helped them out again however, this time by bringing them a Chaos Emerald. With the Emerald's power, the gateway was able to suck the animals native to Sonic's world back home, with Eggman and his lackeys joining them, before turning off again. Suddenly however, the gateway received an energy blast from the Space Colony ARK's Eclipse Cannon which got the gateway up and running smoothly. As those from Sonic's world stepped through the portal, Chuck said an emotional goodbye to Tails. When only Sonic was left to pass through the gateway however, Chris turned off the machine.[43] He then took Sonic and ran away, much to Chuck's initial shock. Mr. Tanaka and Topaz tried to retrieve them, but without luck. When Nelson and Lindsey then made calls to find Chris, Chuck decided that the time had come to confront his son and his wife. Together with Mr. Tanaka and Ella, he entered their room and ordered the telephone to be turned off. Chuck then told Nelson and Lindsey of the real reason Chris ran away: their negligence of him due to their busy timetables with their jobs.[44] He also blamed himself for not doing anything about it because he was too busy with his research.[5] He further added that, as Chris' parents, they would know where he would go and where to find him. Thanks to Chuck's advice, Nelson and Lindsey found Chris waiting for them at their old lake retreat and were able to establish a better relationship with him.[44]

Chuck's friendship with Tails also made it so Chuck left Tails a parting gift for him in the form of the Hyper Tornado, a new mode for Tails' Tornado 2 that he had installed in secret. When Tails found himself in trouble fighting the Grand Egg Imperial, a message from Chuck played, revealing his final gift for Tails, before giving the command to transform the Tornado 2 into the Hyper Tornado.[45]

Post-Homebound Saga

Over the next six years, Chuck gave Chris lessons in piloting all kinds of vehicles.[46] He also designed a car especially for the paraplegic teenage Helen.[45]

Metarex Saga

One day, Chuck found out that Chris had traveled to Sonic's world. Meeting up with Nelson, Lindsey, Helen, Danny and Frances, Chuck found the portal Chris had used, only to discover that it had been locked down. Chuck thus dared not to tamper with the machine out of fear that he would end up trapping Chris on Sonic's world. Chuck eventually brought the bad news to everyone, although they all soon agreed to trust that Chris would be fine in the meantime.[47] Eventually, Chuck figured out how to sent items through the portal to Sonic's world. Telling Nelson and Lindsey about it, the couple decided to use this opportunity to send Chris extra luggage.[48]

Archie Comics


Chuck is a good-humored and witty scientist, but circumstances can cause him to behave eccentrically. He means well for his friends and family, and is always willing to aid Chris, Sonic and their friends out whenever they need help or just emotional support. When serious matters are afoot and a point needs to be made however, he will become a very direct and serious man.

Despite his oddities, Chuck is a wise man, who, very much like Tails, uses his intellect when faced with problems. His passion lies in researching and discovering new technologies. He gets especially fascinated by new technologies, and always wants to understand and examine such subjects as thoroughly as possible.


Miles "Tails" Prower

Chuck hugs Tails.

Much in the same way that Chris bonds with Sonic the Hedgehog during the latter's stay with the family, and the maid Ella bonds with Cream the Rabbit and Amy Rose, Chuck and Tails formed a strong bond when the latter had been transported to Earth, due to their shared expertise with machines. It was partially thanks to Chuck that the X Tornado was made, as well as the rescue of Cream and Cheese.[6][12]

Chuck often joined Tails in the X Tornado during their skirmishes with Dr. Eggman. When finding out that Tails and the others would return to their native dimension, Chuck modified the X Tornado so that its abilities could be enhanced in case of an emergency.





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