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Christopheles is a Fire Ant and a member of the Fire Ant Council.


After the original Enerjak, aka Dimitri the Echidna, was buried in the collapse of his dark tower, his twin brother Edmund was charged with becoming the Guardian of the now-called Angel Island to protect the last Chaos Emerald of the twelve that had originally held the island aloft. Edmund's nephew Menniker founded the Dark Legion as revenge for his father's "supposed death", and the Fire Ants took note of these developments and decided to intervene as they had against Enerjak.

Christopheles was ordered to help out Edmund, but was unable to protect him from being gunned down. A grieving Steppenwolf was comforted by Christopheles, who then began teaching him what would eventually be passed down through the generations of Guardians. They developed Steppenwolf's body, mind, and discipline until he became the first warrior Guardian, capable not only of physical feats far superior to his father's, but also of manipulating the energy of the Chaos Emerald itself.

Together, Christopheles and Steppenwolf defeated the Dark Legion, banishing them to the Twilight Zone but fearing that they would one day return; in particular, Christopheles contemplated where the family feud begun by Dimitri and continued by Menniker would lead. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik's ancestor Brutus Kintobor and troops visited the island with intent to take over and kill Steppenwolf. Christopheles and the Fire Ants were able to warn Steppenwolf of their treachery. After forcing the Overlanders to leave for good, Christopheles suggested that in order to protect the island from more outsiders, he start training his young son Moonwatcher.

The families of Christopheles and Edmund have been bound together ever since Christopheles became Steppenwolf's mentor, and his descendant Archimedes would later appear to mentor Knuckles in his own battles with the Dark Legion.

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