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Chirps is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic chicken and one of the Emerald Hill Folk.


Chirps STC v1

Chirps' first appearance, from Sonic the Comic #1. Art by Anthony Williams.

Depending on the artist, Chirps' appearance would vary between issues. In the early days of Sonic the Comic, Chirps closely resembled a real-life chicken. Possessing in general white feathers and a red comb, Chirps had a round-shaped head, two large blue/black eyes, an orange beak, and thick cheeks. His wings were medium-sized compared to his small round body and had thin orange feet with three toes on each foot. In some cases, he was given an orange plumage instead of his white one.

In the comic's late run, Chirps got much bigger and more humanoid. His wings and comb were made larger while his eyes got smaller, eventually becoming beady, and his legs got thicker. He also began wearing a shirt, jeans and eventually sneakers.


Since Dr. Robotnik's early days, Chirps has been caught in the doctor's schemes to subjugate Mobius. One time, he got turned into an organic battery for a Moto Bug, but was freed by Sonic the Hedgehog.[1] After Robotnik took over the planet, Chirps was put to endless work in Robotnik's factories until he was freed by Sonic.[2] Uniting with the Emerald Hill Folk, Chirps resumed a fulfilling life alongside his fellow creatures,[3][4] although he would occasionally be captured and used as an organic battery again.

Chirps freed

Chirps freed from a Badnik, from Sonic the Comic #100. Art by Richard Elson.

Months after being trapped in another Badnik, Chrips was freed when a global electromagnetic pulse created by Super Sonic fried his Badnik shell and ended Robotnik's reign.[5] Chirps and the Emerald Hill Folk then returned to their true home in the aftermath.[6]

Powers and abilities

Thanks to his wings, Chirps is capable of flight.[6]


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