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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1 I'll be here with you always. A part of the earth you tread. Quotation2
— Chip, Sonic the Hedgehog #287

Chip, real name the Light Gaia, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is an ancient spirit that restores the world whenever it shatters every ten thousandth year, the most recent time being the Shattered World Crisis.


In Vector's words, Chip resembles a "winged Chihuahua." He has burgundy and white fur with green wings and a green orb on his white necklace. Chip is incredibly tiny, only roughly a fourth of a typical individual.


Shattered World Crisis

Act One

During the Shattered World Crisis, Chip's spirit was manifested on Sonic's World at the same time that the essence of his antithesis, Dark Gaia, was spread across the planet. However, due to the planet's shattering having gone awry, Chip got amnesia and could not remember anything but bits and pieces.[1][2] After waking up, he found a Chaos Emerald. Recalling the Emerald was important and he needed it for something, he took it with him and began wandering about.[2] A few days later, he ended up in the depths of Aquatic Mine Zone with it, where he began to notice that Knuckles and the Chaotix were watching him.[3] Knuckles and the Chaotix located him with the red Chaos Emerald in the Aquatic Mine Zone, where the Chaotix unfortunately chased him in pursuit of the gem. After being halted by Knuckles, the group explained that he had come looking for him and that Emerald was intended to save the world. It was at this point that Chip revealed to the group that he had amnesia, and was unaware of his true purpose or real name. As he compared the situation to cookies, Charmy Bee was inspired to dub him Chip. Unfortunately, the new found friends were soon menaced by the Hooligans, who were also after the Emerald, and a Dark Gaia Titan. Chip was abducted by the Hooligans, who left his friends trapped in the flooding mine with the Titan.[2]

Tikal and Chip

Chip and Tikal on Shrine Island, from Sonic Universe #66.

Fortunately, Knuckles and the Chaotix escaped the mine and caught up to Chip's abductors, and were followed by the Titan. In the confusion, Vector recovered Chip and the Emerald and hid them in the only available place: inside his mouth. Once the Titan had been dispatched and the Hooligans been sent off on a false Emerald trail, Chip emerged, and Knuckles took him back to Angel Island. There he met and befriended Tikal, who later took him to the Hidden Palace Zone while Knuckles addressed the threat of Eclipse the Darkling.[4][5] Subsequently, Chip traveled back to the surface with Knuckles, who was searching for the shards of the Master Emerald, with the two eventually arriving in Casino Park.[6][7]

Egg Hawk and Egg Albatross Retired

Chip in Casino Park, from Sonic the Hedgehog #268.

Chip would later watched from the audience as Knuckles took part in the Chaos Emerald Championship.[7][8] Afterwards, the pair joined the Freedom Fighters aboard the Sky Patrol with the Speed Star. On the way back, the pair were introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog's Werehog form.[9] Chip subsequently accompanied Sonic and Antoine D'Coolette to Apotos to meet Gregorios, though they had to deal with a Badnik patrol along the way. Chip felt bad about not being able to help out more, but Sonic assured him of his value and they continued on their way, though not before Chip spotted a man selling ice cream. After getting information from Gregorios about the Gaia Gate and Gaia Keys, the setting sun caused Sonic to become the Werehog again, a transformation he hoped would end with the planet's restoration. Chip expressed hopes that this event would also cure his amnesia, but before they could dwell on it for long, a force of Dark Gaia's Minions attacked. Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Bunnie D'Coolette arrived to back them up, and they managed to recover a Master Emerald shard before returning to the Sky Patrol.[10]

Act Two


Chip restoring the Gaia Phoenix back to normal, from Sonic the Hedgehog #282.

Chip went with Sonic and Rotor the Walrus to Artika to retrieve the next Gaia Keys after infiltrating the Artika Egg Army's base. He managed to sneak in and swipe the card from an soldier. There, they managed to save Jari-Thure and his wife Sarianna.[11] Chip later played a role in finding another Gaia Key Guardian, Ehsan. He brainstormed a plan to rescue Eshan and help Sonic.[12][13]

Chip would again come along to find a Gaia Temple in Mazuri. After locating a temple, he remembered that he did not know what to do yet. Chip went through an ancient engraving and come back knowing who he really was and how he came to be.[14] Sonic and Chip, with Sally Acorn and Antoine, later paired up with Dulcy and her Shijin Warriors to find the last key. Chip used his new-found power to free the Gaia Phoenix from Dark Gaia's influence.[15][16]


Eggman forcing Chip to use his power in the Gaia Gate, from Sonic the Hedgehog #285.

After collecting all the Gaia Keys, the Freedom Fighters sent Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao and Big the Cat to stash them in Castle Acorn with the Chaos Emeralds, under the protection of Nigel Acorn. Chip would then join Sonic and Sally in a broadcast to their allies to coordinate a worldwide attack against the Eggman Empire. Chip thanked everyone for their efforts.[17] Sometime after this, Chip would help coordinate a celebratory party with the Freedom Fighters, excluding Sally and Nicole. However, they were interrupted by an attack from the Battle Bird Armada. Sally ordered Chip to remain and follow her to the brig for safety, as she realized that the Tails Doll must have leaked her plans to Dr. Eggman. They were soon met by Speedy and two Battle Bird Armada soldiers. Sally tried her best to fight them but it was evident they were easily overpowering her. Unable to stay watching any longer, Chip angrily rushed to her aid, demanding to know why they would not let him save the world. Ignoring Chip's pleas, Speedy grabbed Chip and took off. After defeating the soldiers, Sally soon contacted her team and told them of Chip's kidnap. Sonic tried with all his might to get him back but failed to reach him.[18]

Chip was soon brought to Apotos, along with the stolen Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Keys, where Eggman had found the Gaia Gate. Eggman forced Chip to power up the Gaia Gate so that his Egg SWATs could open the doors inside and place Chaos Emeralds in each Gaia Temple. This soon caused the formation of the Gaia Colossus, where Eggman left Chip imprisoned.[19] The Freedom Fighters would soon invade Eggman Land, where Sonic defeated the Egg Dragoon. He later found Chip in the Gaia Colossus, prepared to use the Chaos Emeralds to finish the job. However, Dark Gaia had fully awoken and had called all his power back to him, including from Sonic which deprived him of his werehog form. Chip expressed that he had failed and it was all over. However, Sonic told him of all the people he had met on his journey and asked if he really wanted to give up on them. With this new encouragement, Chip was ready to face Perfect Dark Gaia but figured that it would take centuries to do so as him using the Gaia Colossus was a rather slow process. Sonic told him that he had him covered and transformed into Super Sonic.[20]


Chip, from Sonic the Hedgehog #287.

Commanding the Gaia Colossus, Chip and Super Sonic fought Perfect Dark Gaia with all their might. After Perfect Dark Gaia shot a laser beam at the Gaia Colossus, it was weakened. Seeking this opportunity, Super Sonic dashed right through its central eye, defeating it for good. Chip then used his power to restore the world back to normal. After this, Chip let Sonic know he would have to return to the world's core to ensure Dark Gaia remains there. He also told Sonic that he would take the Gaia Temples with him to keep them out of Eggman's reach. Despite Sonic's protests, Chip told Sonic that he enjoyed his time with him very much and proceeded to let thank the Freedom Fighters for their time with him, including Cream, Cheese and Big in Mobotropolis and Amy and Knuckles on Angel Island. With this, Chip returned Sonic back to his team and sealed himself in the core of the world once again, promising to never forget Sonic and gifted him with his necklace.[21]


Ice Cream Vendor

Chip showing his sweet tooth, from Sonic the Hedgehog #272.

Chip is a cheerful, optimistic individual, but struggled for a time with his lost memories. He is quite friendly and quickly becomes loyal, seeking to help his friends with their endeavors. Even though he is easily distracted from the importance of recovering his memories, he is willing to saving the shattered world. He also has quite the sweet tooth, from using metaphors about cookies to eagerly setting his sights on a nearby ice cream stand after a battle.

Powers and abilities

According to Tikal, Chip is a powerful spirit.[1] With his wings, Chip can achieve flight in midair and can even outfly Charmy.[2] As the Light Gaia he has the potential to reassemble the world, but due to the ill-timed occurrence of the Shattered World Crisis, his abilities were greatly limited.


  • Chip originates from the game Sonic Unleashed, and his backstory and role in the comic is loosely adapted from that game.
  • Chip was inexplicably absent from the Worlds Unite crossover event, with no information being given as to why he did not appear.

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