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The Chiller is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a human scientist and resident of the Pleasant Zone.


The Chiller specialized in weather-controlling technology, but the other residents of the zone believed his ideas were too dangerous and rejected him. Spurned, the scientist decided to get his revenge by turning the Pleasant Zone and all of its inhabitants into ice. To this end, he invented the Chill-machine, Chill-bots, and Chill-guns, but his lack of imagination meant that he could not think of interesting names. He threw himself into the role of the mad scientist (and even set up an "escape route for defeated villains"), but even his own robots thought that he was boring. Sonic the Hedgehog eventually managed to defeat him, restoring the zone to normal, and convinced the Chiller to give up his life of villainy. Realizing that he had never been a good villain anyway, he agreed, and decided to use his genius to help the residents of the Pleasant Zone in the struggle against Robotnik. He was last seen with his one remaining Chill-bot (now re-branded a "mop bot") helping to clean up the melted ice from the Pleasant Zone's main street.[1]


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