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Sonic Boom
Chili Dog Day Afternoon

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"Chili Dog Day Afternoon" is the thirtieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 22 April 2015 in France and on 16 July 2015 in the United States.


Knuckles wants to win the village's annual Chili Dog Cook-Off and on his quest to find the perfect ingredients he meets the Pepper People, and their leader Claggerhorn who have been waiting for a savior to bring them the freedom they deserve.



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On Seaside Island, the annual Chili Dog Cook-Off is about to begin, and Team Sonic helps construct the stage, with Amy acting as supervisor. However, the guys and Sticks do a poor job, causing the stage to fall apart when Amy pulls out a load-bearing banana, prompting Amy to do the work herself. After Amy finishes, the gang gathers at Meh Burger to discuss what to for their participation in the competition (except Sonic who will be the judge). During this, Dave the Intern butts with a plate of his chili dogs to brag about his secret chili recipe for the cook-off. Sonic, however, is easy able to discern ingredients, annoying Dave. It turns out everybody wants to use a type of pepper that will help them win, and Knuckles reveals his secret weapon: a "one-of-a-kind" pepper with tiger stripes which he bought from Mrs. Vandersnout. As it turns out however, the others on Team Sonic had brought similar peppers from Mrs. Vandersnout, so the team confronts the elderly wolf to complain about their purchase. Failing to deny her claims that her peppers were one of a kind, Mrs. Vandersnout tries to escape with her cart, only to crash immediately after. Still determined to win the cook-off with good-tasting pepper, Knuckles runs off into the woods and finds a red pepper. He tastes it, but it is too hot and he faints.

As the contest begins, Knuckles arrives with his new pepper, only to see that Dr. Eggman has entered the cook-off too using his Chili Maker 5000 and his Facepeeler Maximus, the latter which is so hot that it sets the bowl on fire. A defeated Knuckles then hears Mrs. Vandersnout calling him, and she scams him into buying a map that supposedly leads to a unique type of pepper known as the Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn.

Setting off on his quest, Knuckles faces several hazards on his journey across the Lands of the Doomed, including climbing up the side of a steep canyon, walking up the Staircase of Terrifying Slipperiness, and crossing the Field of Baby Ducks (which holds exploding ducks). Finally, he reaches the center of the Lands of the Doom, only to get caught in a trap and flung into a pit. There, Knuckles finds himself tied down, and he hears a voice. The voice happens to belong to the Lost Pepper of Claggerhorn, which turns out to be a taking chili pepper and the captain of the Pepper People, a band of talking chili peppers with war paint and swords. Upon Knuckles' inquire, the Lost Pepper tells Knuckles about how they lost Claggerhorn, the homeland of the Pepper People, with all its relaxing hot springs, and that it was prophesied that a "big, dumb oaf" would one day come to lead the Pepper People back home. Seeing Knuckles' dimwitted response to his story, the Lost Pepper declares that their oaf had arrived, and Knuckles decides to help them reclaim Claggerhorn (which turns out to be the Unnamed Village).

Back in the village, Knuckles arrives dressed like a Scottish warrior along with the Pepper People. They attack, knocking Tails down and making Eggman's chili maker malfunction. Sonic is able to dodge the Pepper People's attacks and tries to remind Knuckles that he is attacking his friends. However, when the Lost Pepper is about to attack Sonic, Knuckles finds himself unable to let Sonic come to harm, and knocks the Lost Pepper into a chili pot. In the pot, the Lost Pepper finds the sauce relaxing, like the hot springs of Claggerhorn, so the Pepper People make a compromise with the villagers: the Pepper People get to wallow in the chili pots and the contestants in the Chili Dog Cook-Off get to use their juices to flavor their chili sauces.

Upon judging the chili sauces, Sonic immediately makes Knuckles the winner of the cook-off with his chili sauce made from the Lost Pepper's juices. Just then, however, it is all revealed to be a dream that Knuckles had when he fainted as a result of eating the hot pepper in the forest. In the real world, Knuckles is awoken by his team, who had been looking for him since yesterday when he did not show up to the cook-off. Disorientated, Knuckles explains how a pepper knocked him out, prompting the gang to laugh at the absurdity of it, only for Knuckles to belch flames at them, leaving his friends severely burned.


  • In the scene where Knuckles uses Amy's Hammer, the foot stall for Meh Burger in the background is gone.
  • When Sonic is catapulted away by Knuckles, he is launched away from Meh Burger. In the next scene however, he is shown to have been flung in the direction of Meh Burger.
  • In the scene where Amy finishes the stage, several people can be seen at Meh Burger. In the next scene inside Meh Burger however, which happens at the same time, everyone except Team Sonic are gone.
  • In various scenes, Knuckles' shoes are red instead of yellow.
  • In most of the scenes, Sticks' tail is a brighter shade of orange.
  • In all of her scenes, Sticks' tube top is a darker shade than normal.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 午后热狗日 Afternoon Hot Dog Day
Finnish Chilihodaripäivä Chili dog day
French Chaud le piment Hot Chili
German Hundstage Nachmittag mit Chili Dog Day Afternoon with Chili
Hungarian A főzőverseny The cooking competition
Italian Il peperoncino perduto The lost pepper
Japanese チリドッグ大会のトウガラシ The Red Pepper of the Chilidog Tournament
Korean 전설의 고추를 찾아서 Search for the Legendary Chili Pepper
Persian مسابقهٔ چیلی داگ در بعدازظهر Chilli Dog Race in the Afternoon
Polish Chili czyli papryczka Chili means pepper
Portuguese (Brazil) Em Busca da Pimenta Perfeita In Search of the Perfect Pepper
Portuguese (Portugal) A Revolta das Malaguetas The Chillies Uprising
Romanian O după-amaziă de Chili Dog An afternoon of Chili Dog
Russian Конкурс чили-догов Chili-dog contest
Spanish (Latin America) El Concurso de Perros Calientes The Hot Dogs Contest
Spanish (Spain) Tarde de Perritos Picantes Spicy Dog Afternoon
Ukrainian День хот-догів з чилі Day of hot dogs with chili



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