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Chili Dog Cook Off

The stage for the Chili Dog Cook-Off.

The Chili Dog Cook-Off is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a yearly cooking competition held in the Village on Seaside Island where the residents compete in the art of chili dog making.[1]


At the Chili Dog Cook-Off, the participants primary goal is to create the most delicious chili sauce for a chili dog using their own personal recipes prepared at the site of the competition. One variable villager serves as the partial judge for the cook-off and the one to win the competition earns a golden trophy.[1]


TV series

Season one

The latest Chili Dog Cook-Off was managed by Team Sonic, with Sonic the Hedgehog as its judge. After finishing the stage despite some issues, several participants discovered that phony "one of a kind peppers," sold to them by Mrs. Vandersnout for the competition as a scam to earn easy money, were in circulation, prompting Knuckles to find a new pepper which made him pass out and miss the cook-off (whose winner was not revealed). The next day, Team Sonic found Knuckles, having just dreamt about bringing warrior-like Pepper People to the cook-off.[1]

List of participants


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