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Chief Thundercloud is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a native North American human from the year 1860 on Earth and the chief of a small village of Indians.


Thundercloud was a human man with brown eyes, brown skin, and long black-grey hair. His main piece of clothing was a white cloth that he wore around his hip, although he also wore sandals and accessories, like headgear and arm bracelets. He also wore green face paint.


In 1860, Chief Thundercloud's tribe came under siege by soldiers from the U.S. army, who deemed the chief's tribe "savages" for having different beliefs. Getting fed up with the Shaman's failing magic, Thundercloud was determined to battle the U.S. soldiers to the last man in hopes of saving his tribe. When the soldiers showed up, Thundercloud began battling them, only for the battle to end when the invaders ran away in fear of seeing Sonic the Hedgehog. Hearing they were not spirits, Thundercloud declared Sonic and his companion Amy Rose intruders and had them captured.[1]

When the U.S. army returned, they were dealt with by unknown entities, which Thundercloud assumed to be the hedgehogs, although it was shown they were still captive. Happy about finally getting rid of the U.S. army, Thundercloud released the hedgehogs.[1]


A proud leader, Thundercloud cares deeply for his tribe and is ready to defend his lands at any cost. However, he is more aggressive in the protection of his lands than the Shaman, as he was willing to start a war and fight to the last man to ensure their safety. The failings of the Shaman's magic has also made him lose faith in the existence of spirits.[1]

Thundercloud is very suspicious of strangers, as he had Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose captured despite seeing them help them. However, Thundercloud has shown a kinder side, allowing the hedgehogs to go when his tribe was freed from danger.[1]

Powers and abilities

As chief of his tribe, Thundercloud is a strong leader and has shown skill in combat, being able to fight and survive against several U.S. soldiers.[1]


Thundercloud utilizes a spear in combat.[1]


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