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Quotation1.svg Welcome to Chez Amy! Where our motto is "At least we know what you ordered." Quotation2.svg
Amy Rose, "Chez Amy"

Chez Amy is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It was a restaurant established by Amy Rose as a better alternative to Meh Burger until it was destroyed by Dr. Eggman.


The interior of Chez Amy.

Chez Amy is a typical wooden hut found on Seaside Island with a porch surrounding it, and a decorative entrance with a front sign and flowers. The interior features a pleasant and inviting atmosphere with a sets of round tables and chairs, a open kitchen and counter in the back, and a separate room in the corner.

Code of conduct

Being established in response to Meh Burger's sloppy service, Chez Amy is all about providing good and friendly service to its customers. This is emphasized in their motto "At least we know what you ordered." Customers thus always come first and it is mandatory for the employees to greet the customers with friendly smiles.[1]


  • Amy Royal[1]
  • Amy Sauce[1]
  • Drinks
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Soup


TV series

Season one

Chez Amy destroyed.

Disgusted by Dave the Intern's service at Meh Burger, Amy established Chez Amy to give the locals good and friendly food services. With Team Sonic as the staff, Chez Amy got a good start, but when Meh Burger fought back successfully, the establishments engaged in a bitter feud which Chez Amy lost when Amy's bossy, ungrateful attitude and obsession with winning drove her staff away. A turnaround came when Amy made fellow-minded Dr. Eggman her partner, who blew up Meh Burger, making Chez Amy the only restaurant. After Amy hired Dave though, Eggman had his badniks attack Dave in retribution for his bad service, destroying Chez Amy in the process.[1]

List of staff


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