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"Chez Amy" is the twenty-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 8 April 2015 in France and on 13 July 2015 in the United States.


After a bad experience at Meh Burger, Amy decides to open her own restaurant, starting a rivalry with her former hang out and Dave the Intern. But when Amy starts to loose the fast food war, she gains an unlikely partner in Eggman.








One day, Amy is at Meh Burger ordering food from Dave the Intern, but when Dave brings her the wrong order (a fish sandwich with a still-living fish in it), Amy's complains falls on deaf ears. Annoyed, Amy storms off in disgust. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Sonic are playing soccer (Sonic vs. Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks) but when Sonic gets the ball, he accidentally kicks it in the direction of Amy who is sitting on a bench enjoying her lunch. Fortunately, Amy deflects the ball with her hammer so it hits Knuckles in the head instead. The group gathers around Amy, and are surprised to see that she is not eating a Meh Burger. Amy explains about how fed up she is about Meh Burger's sloppy service, and declares that she will open a restaurant, named Chez Amy, worthy of the villagers of the Unnamed Village, one which offers a pleasant atmosphere and good service. Upon Amy's request, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks agree to help her.

After the construction of Chez Amy, the rest of Team Sonic are assigned to work at the restaurant with Sonic taking orders and the other three preparing the food and serving as waiters. With Amy announcing Chez Amy and its principles to the villagers, the new restaurant quickly gets the townspeople's attention, causing them to swarm the restaurant. Seeing this, Dave swears revenge, accidentally splashing ketchup from a burger onto him itself in the process. Inside Chez Amy, Sonic is at full swing taking everyone's orders and Amy is confident that Meh Burger cannot compete with Chez Amy's good service. No sooner though, Dave announces with a megaphone that Meh Burger now has a drive-through which quickly lures the villagers back to Meh Burger (even though Amy reminds them that none of them have cars).

Determined to get her customers back, Amy presents her own sales gimmick where she offers each customer a "magic fun lump" (which is just a regular stone). The trick works and the villagers come running back to Chez Amy. Not long after, Soar the Eagle is doing a news report of day two of Chez Amy and Meh Burger's feud (which has been dubbed the "Battle of the Buns" by the local media), revealing that Meh Burger is losing to Chez Amy, who, on the other hand, is filled with customers that Amy is giving magic fun lumps to (the Child Monkey in particular throws his at Knuckles for fun, causing him to spill sauce over his own head). Beneath her success, however, Amy is growing more bossy and aggressive as she continues to tell her staff to provide excellent service.

After Amy spares some time off to look triumphantly at Dave and Meh Burger (which is now devoid of customers) before returning to Chez Amy, Dave pulls out his secret weapon: a cannon that shoots Meh Burgers. Dave uses it to shoot a Meh Burger straight into Lady Walrus' mouth, who finds the Meh Burger delicious. Encouraged by Lady Walrus, Chez Amy's customers leave for Meh Burger to have food shot into their mouths. Irritated, Amy begins planning a delivery system that will insert food directly into the customers stomachs. However, this is where Sonic and the rest draw the line, having seen that Amy has become obsessed with besting Dave rather than delivering good service as she wanted to. Amy furiously denies it (proving her friends' point in the process), prompting her team to abandon Chez Amy.

With Meh Burger's reacquired success, Chez Amy is totally empty and Amy is out of ideas. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman comes to Meh Burger for a burger, only for Dave to drop his food on the ground and sloppily fix it. Eggman demands a new one, but Dave denies, claiming he is "on break." Angry, Eggman goes to Chez Amy where he gets a sandwich served by a depressed Amy. Meanwhile, the rest of Team Sonic are playing soccer on the beach. After Sonic won a goal, when they contemplate on going back to Chez Amy for lunch, but abandon the idea at the thought of having to face Amy's bad attitude. Back at Chez Amy, Eggman finishes his sandwich and converses with Amy about Chez Amy's low attendance despite its good service. Amy explains her inability to bring in customers, so Eggman offers her a deal: if she makes him her partner, Eggman will fill up Chez Amy with customers, all so they can crush Meh Burger. Amy agrees to Eggman's terms.

The next day, the customers have returned to Chez Amy, with Orbot and Cubot serving as the kitchen staff while Eggman and Amy oversee their success. Amy asks Eggman how he did it, but is shocked to hear from him that he blew up Meh Burger last night (since, as a supervillain, he has a limited playbook to follow). Outside, a sad Dave wanders around with nothing to do now that his workplace is gone. Eggman tries encouraging Amy to taunt Dave while he is down, but Amy instead takes pity on Dave and gives him a job at Chez Amy. However, Dave remains as sloppy and mindless as ever which hampers the service at Chez Amy, much to Eggman's annoyance when he tries to get a meal. Losing his temper, Eggman calls in his Badniks to destroy Dave. Amy tries to stop Eggman, saying he will destroy their restaurant in the process, but Eggman does not care about that, so Amy resorts to destroying the robots. Finding herself outnumbered, Amy calls Sonic for help over her Communicator. At first, Sonic is reluctant to come help Amy, but when she reveals it is to stop an Eggman attack rather than work for her, Sonic and the rest of the gang arrive immediately. Though Team Sonic destroys the Badniks, Chez Amy still got destroyed in the crossfire, even though Dave survives.

Eventually, Meh Burger is rebuilt with Team Sonic's aid, and Amy admits she will let the professionals create their own restaurant. In gratitude, Dave treats Team Sonic to free Meh Burgers, although Amy ends up with another living fishy sandwich.


  • When Team Sonic is first shown playing football, Chez Amy is seen in the background despite Amy not having established it yet.
  • After Soar the Eagle's scene, Mayor Fink is seen inside Chez Amy without his hat. When the camera angle shifts however, he has his hat back on.
  • When Amy is talking with Dr. Eggman at the table in her empty restaurant, her eyelashes disappear for a split second.
  • When Amy comes out of Chez Amy to find Badniks surrounding it, Chez Amy is mistakenly placed right next to Meh Burger.
  • At the end of the episode, the overhead image of Meh Burger shows Amy at the counter while the rest of Team Sonic is nowhere to be seen. In the next scene however, the whole team is sitting at one of the tables.

Regional differences

  • The scene where Child Monkey throws a magic fun-lump at Knuckles was deleted in the UK.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Restaurante da Amy Amy's Restaurant
Chinese 艾咪起司屋 Amy from the House
Finnish Amyn Bistro Amy's Bistro
French Chez Amy At Amy
German Bei Amy At Amy's
Hungarian Amy vendéglője Amy's restaurant
Italian Il ristorante di Amy Amy's Restaurant
Japanese エミーのレストラン Amy’s Restaurant
Korean 에이미의 가게 Amy's Restaurant
Polish Bistro u Amy Bistro at Amy
Romanian La Amy At Amy
Russian У Эми At Amy
Spanish (Latin America) Chez Amy Chez Amy
Ukrainian У Емі In Amy


  • This episode aired in France as the twenty-eighth episode in the series.
  • This episode was originally meant to air on 23 May 2015 in the United States.[2]
  • In this episode, Mike the Ox is given a different voice from the one he had in "Dude, Where's My Eggman?."
    • According to Bill Freiberger, this is due to the creators still trying to define his character which is a common situation for background characters evolving past their original roles over the course of a show.[3]
  • When Amy is talking about building her restaurant, she says that the town is unnamed.
  • It is stated that the townspeople do not drive cars.


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