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Chests are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are rewards that the player receives over the course of the playthrough of Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


There are twenty-two different chests in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, which can be split into eight different categories:

Free Chests

Free Chests are available every 8 hours and are the most basic kind of chest. Each Free Chest contains 6 Red Star Rings.

Chest Rewards in Tier 1 Rewards in Tier 2 Rewards in Tier 3 Rewards in Tier 4 Rewards in Tier 5 Rewards in Tier 6 Rewards in Tier 7
Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings
SFSB Free Chest.PNG
x40 500-700 x50 600-800 x60 700-900 x70 900-1100 x80 1100-1300 x90 1300-1500 x100 1500-1700

Battle Chests

There are four different kinds of Battle Chests: 1st Place Chest, 2nd Place Chest, 3rd Place Chest, and 4th Place Chest. Players can obtain twenty Battle Chests per day (one per battle) and receive them depending on how they place after finishing a race. Getting 1st place ensures them the 1st Place Chest containing the greatest number of cards while finishing in 4th place will award the player a 4th Place Chest with the least number of cards.

Chest Rewards in Tier 1 Rewards in Tier 2 Rewards in Tier 3 Rewards in Tier 4 Rewards in Tier 5 Rewards in Tier 6 Rewards in Tier 7 Other Rewards
Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards Rings[note 1]
SFSB 1st Place Chest.PNG
1st Place Chest
x10 x11 x12 x13 x14 x15 x16 1000
SFSB 2nd Place Chest.PNG
2nd Place Chest
x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 800
SFSB 3rd Place Chest.PNG
3rd Place Chest
x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 650
SFSB 4th Place Chest.PNG
4th Place Chest
x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 500

Victory Chests

Victory Chests are awarded to players who place 1st and 2nd in races. There is no limit to how many Victory Chests one can obtain in a day, but one can only hold four chests at a time. After obtaining them, the Victory Chests must be unlocked in order to obtain its rewards. To unlock a Victory Chest, the player must select it, and then must either wait for a certain amount of time which the chest is unlocked afterwards, spend Red Star Rings in order to unlock them immediately, or view an advertisement to unlock them immediately (for Silver Chests only). When unlocking via the first method, only one Victory Chest can be unlocked at a time, although its Red Star Ring cost decreases in proportion to the amount of time waited, allowing the player to still unlock the Victory Chest by spending a reduced cost of Red Star Rings. Any other Victory Chests can still be unlocked via the second method.

There are four different kinds of Victory Chests (from worst to best): Silver Chest, Gold Chest, Platinum Chest, and Emerald Chest. Getting 1st place in a race does not guarantee a rarer variety of the received chest. Emerald Chests are the rarest chest in the game, followed by Platinum Chests as the second rarest, with Gold and Silver Chests being third and fourth rarest, respectively.

Chest Unlock Time Rewards in Tier 1 Rewards in Tier 2 Rewards in Tier 3 Rewards in Tier 4 Rewards in Tier 5 Rewards in Tier 6 Rewards in Tier 7
Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings Cards Rings
SFSB Silver Chest.PNG
Silver Chest
3 hours (or instantly by watching a video ad) x20 500-700 x25 600-800 x30 700-900 x35 900-1100 x40 1100-1300 x45 1300-1500 x50 1500-1700
SFSB Gold Chest.PNG
Gold Chest (x1 Rare Card guaranteed)
8 hours x90 600-800 x100 800-100 x110 1000-1200 x120 1200-1400 x130 1400-1600 x140 1600-1800 x150 1800-2000
SFSB Platinum Chest.PNG
Platinum Chest (x6 Rare and x3 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
12 hours x150 2500-3500 x200 3000-4000 x300 3500-4500 x400 4500-5500 x500 5500-6500 x600 6500-7500 x700 7500-8500
SFSB Emerald Chest.PNG
Emerald Chest[note 2] (x24 Rare and x12 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
24 hours x400 5000-6500 x500 6000-7500 x600 7000-8500 x700 9000-10500 x800 11000-12500 x900 13000-14500 x999 15000-16500

Season Chests

Season Chests are awarded at the end of every season, with the quality of the chest depending on which Tier the player was in at the end of the season. To qualify for a season chest, the player must finish first in a race at least three times while being in Tier 4 or higher.

Chest Rewards
Cards Red Star Rings
SFSB Tier 4 Season Chest.png
Tier 4 Chest (x120 Rare and x18 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x550 30
SFSB Tier 5 Season Chest.png
Tier 5 Chest (x132 Rare and x21 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x600 35
SFSB Tier 6 Season Chest.png
Tier 6 Chest (x144 Rare and x24 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x650 40
SFSB Tier 7 Season Chest.png
Tier 7 Chest (x156 Rare and x27 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x700 45
SFSB Tier 8 Season Chest.png
Tier 8 Chest (x168 Rare and x30 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x750 x60
SFSB Tier 9 Season Chest.png
Tier 9 Chest (x180 Rare and x33 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x800 80
SFSB Tier 10 Season Chest.png
Tier 10 Chest (x192 Rare and x36 Super Rare Cards guaranteed)
x850 100

Gift Chests

Gift Chests are special chests given out on certain occasions, such as finishing the game's tutorial or participating in events. Their contents vary from each time they are obtained.

SFSB Gift Chest.png

Celebration Chests

Celebration Chests are only given out during certain events (such as Easter), and the only type of rarity they contain is Special. There are three versions of this type of Chest.

Chest Unlock Time Rewards
Cards Rings
Celebration Chest
1 hour x15 Special Cards 250-400
Celebration Chest XL
2 hours x30 Special Cards 300-450
Celebration Chest XXL
4 hours x60 Special Cards 1500-2000

Team VS chests

Chest Rewards
Cards Rings
Winner's Chest
Various Various
Runner-up's Chest
Various Various

Challenger Chests

Chest Unlock Time Rewards
Cards Rings
(x20 Challenger Cards guaranteed)
1 hour x41 1500-1700


  1. Only available when a "Bonus Stage" sub-event is active.
  2. Formerly known as the Diamond Chest.

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