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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this location before the Super Genesis Wave, see Chemical Plant Zone (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).

Chemical Plant Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a facility on Westside Island controlled by Dr. Eggman. Its name comes from the sheer volume of chemicals produced here, most-if not all-of which are known to be toxic.



Chemical Plant Zone construction

Dr. Snively overseeing the Chemical Plant Zone, from Sonic Super Digest #12.

The Chemical Plant Zone was built by Dr. Julian Snively, the renegade G.U.N. scientist, following the Eggman Invasion and successful takeover of Mobotropolis, though he later claimed he had been forced to construct it.[1]

After defeating Dr. Eggman and his assistant Snively on South Island, Sonic Hedgehog chased the two mad doctors down to Westside Island, where he teamed up with his new sidekick and best buddy Miles "Tails" Prower as well as the Freedom Fighters. Chemical Plant Zone was one of the Zones they passed through in their efforts to defeat the mad doctors, whose goal on Westside Island was major construction and refinements as part of their plan for world domination.[1][2]

Worlds Unite

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where the Chemical Plant Zone's original timeline ended.

Some time later, the Unity Engines caused the Chemical Plant Zone to merge with a federal prison on Mega Man's World in the year 20XX. As a result, Xander Payne discovered his ability to generate Genesis Portals and escaped while the guards attempted to contain the other prisoners.[3] The Zone was later returned to normal when Payne rewrote history so that the merging of the worlds never occurred.[4]

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