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Sonic Generations
Chemical Plant

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This Chemical Plant feels familiar. I'd never forget a smell like this! And that pink water makes me really nervous for some reason.

Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Generations (console/PC)

Chemical Plant (ケミカルプラント Kemikarupuranto?) is the second Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the Genesis Era. It is based off of the original Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


Act 1

Classic Sonic starts out next to two roads leading a quarter of the level then leading into a new place a mechanical room with machine claws controlling the place leading to the original Mega Mack rising. When escaping, the player will run through a loop, thereby causing him to hit the Goal Plate.

Act 2

Modern Sonic starts (as usual) running through combo tricks and special ramps directing him to the 2 roads. Both the high and low lead Sonic to a large tube, sending him down with the blue chemicals. After he falls, Sonic runs into a room where the Mega Mack is beginning to rise (just like in Act 1), but deeper and slightly quicker. This time when escaping the area, the Chemical Plant is self-destructing. He then proceeds to the Goal Ring to escape the destruction behind him.


Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2


  • Act 2 looks similar to the Daytime stages of Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.
  • In Act 1 of the Classic version, the level's theme sounds very similar to the original Chemical Plant Zone music, except the drum sounds are played as a techno beat and it is not a 16-bit theme. The Modern version of the theme is a lower-pitched rock remix.
  • As seen in the video, the Mega Mack in Act 2 is deeper than in Act 1, but like in the original Chemical Plant Zone, the Mega Mack in Act 1 is constantly rising.
  • In Act 2 of this stage, the Chemical Plant seems to be self-destructing.
  • Even though the pink Mega Mack is considered deadly like most of the liquids, Amy finds it pretty.
  • This is the only stage in the Classic era that does not have a "Fast" remix.
  • This is the first level to feature the Light Speed Dash.
  • In Act 2, Super Sonic cannot push the yellow blocks with the Super Sonic Boost. As a result, it is possible for him to get stuck in submerged places until he runs out of rings.
  • The Modern stage contains a water slide that is reminiscent of Lost World from Sonic Adventure and Cannon's Core from Sonic Adventure 2. This is most likely a coincidence, however.
    • Like Chemical Plant Zone, Cannon's Core also contains differently-colored water.
  • This zone contains fewer Badniks than any other zone in Generations.



Name Artist Length Music Track
"Chemical Plant: Act 1" Tomoya Ohtani 2:18
"Chemical Plant: Act 2" Kenichi Tokoi 2:44

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