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This move exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Cheese Shot (チーズショット Chīzu Shotto?)[1] is a move that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a combo technique used by Cream the Rabbit and Cheese, where Cream throws Cheese like a baseball.


The Cheese Shot is a very simple technique to execute. When performing it, Cream grabs Cheese in her hand and tosses Cheese like a baseball towards her target, with Cheese dealing damage using his surprisingly high strength upon impact. This technique is powerful enough to send the Metarex Kingape flying several meters along the ground.[2]

Screenshot 2015-08-02-23-34-51

Cream using the Spin Attack variant of the Cheese Shot.

Cream has a variant of this move, where Cheese performs a Spin Attack right before being tossed by Cream, before then homing in on multiple opponents. This variant of the Cheese Shot can take out multiple Metarex Vipers.[3]

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