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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Cheese is a Chao owned by Cream the Rabbit, hailing with her to Earth from an unnamed planet in a parallel dimension, where they travel in the Blue Typhoon in Season 3.

Cheese 2

Cheese in Sonic X.


Cheese once became Cream's pet, and they partnered up with Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Once they were kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and Sonic tried to rescue them, only to have Chaos Control activate, sending them to Earth, and scatter the Chaos Emeralds across the planet. They were then imprisoned by G.U.N., but were rescued by Sonic and Tails.

After all of them joining up (with the exception of Knuckles, who went solo in Chaos Emerald Chaos), they help battle Doctor Eggman and live with Christopher Thorndyke and the Thorndyke family. At the end of Season 2, Cheese and Cream go home, and later help Sonic, Cosmo and the rest of the gang battle the Metarex in Season 3. After Cosmo sacrifices herself, they fail to see Chris go home and declare war on Eggman.




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