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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.


— Cheese, Sonic the Hedgehog #18

Cheese is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. They are a Chao and the closest friend of Cream the Rabbit. They live in Floral Forest Village with Cream, Vanilla, Gemerl, and their twin, Chocola.[2]


Cheese has the appearance of a standard Chao: they are light blue and have yellow markings at the tip of their head, hands, feet and tail, a bulb-shaped head, dark blue eyes, a floating yellow orb hovering above the top of their head that changes appearance corresponding to their emotions, two pink butterfly-like wings and a small circular tail. They are distinguishable from other Chao by their red bow tie.



Alongside Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, Cheese has gone on several adventures with their companion, Cream, and took it upon themself to protect her each time. Following one particular adventure, Tails repaired the robot Gemerl after he had been built and programmed to be violent by Dr. Eggman. Gemerl then went on to live with Cheese, Cream, and their family in Floral Forest Village.[2]

Crisis City

Floral Forest Village was soon invaded by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Faceship. With it, Dr. Eggman poured a large batch of the Metal Virus into the village, creating several Zombots. Vanilla requested Cream to stay inside during this attack but the young rabbit wished to aid the villagers as she had Cheese by her side, just as Vanilla had Chocola. Vanilla still did not grant Cheese and Cream permission to leave though, so Gemerl was tasked with aiding the village instead.

Cheese being infected by a Zombot alongside Chocola, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Soon after, Cheese, Vanilla and Chocola were surrounded by Zombots inside their house. Cheese immediately attacked the leading Zombot twice though Cream protested against this. Cheese was soon caught by the Zombot though, as was Chocola, who only tried to help their sibling. Due to having touched the Zombot, the duo soon became Zombots themselves and turned their attention to Cream and Vanilla. Fortunately, Sonic arrived and helped Cream and Vanilla evacuate their house. Cheese tried afterward to attack Sonic, but Gemerl got in the way. Sonic then trapped Cheese and Chocola inside glass jars to prevent them from posing a larger threat due to their flight abilities. Unbeknownst to Sonic though, Cheese and Chocola began to break out while he was preoccupied.[2]

The Last Minute

After the duo freed themselves, Cheese and Chocola made their way to Central City, where they came across Tails at his lab but he did not notice them. Cheese and Chocola found the mains supply for the lab and proceeded to destroy it, cutting off all the power there. Soon, Tails rushed out of the lab in his Cyclone, which prompted the Zombot Chao to chase after him. However, Tails managed to pull off enough evasive maneuvers to leave the Chao in the dust.[3]

All or Nothing

Cheese celebrates with Tails and Chocola, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

After the Deadly Six had taken over Eggman's plans, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots to Angel Island, which included Cheese. After the Faceship was effectively destroyed by Rouge, Zavok became Giant Zavok to attack the survivors on Angel Island. From this, he grabbed a handful of Zombots, including Cheese, and threw them onto the island's surface to face the survivors there. Cheese and Chocola chased after Tails, eventually pinning him down by grabbing hold of his twin tails. After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured. This act turned both Cheese and Chocola back to normal, leaving them to joyfully celebrate with Tails.[4][5]

Out of the Blue

Cheese was called upon by Cream down below to help attack Zavok. The Chao complied and flew straight down to hit the Zeti in the face. They then flew away and stuck their tongue out as him as Zavok was angered. Eventually, the Zeti was restrained by Silver's psychokinesis.[6] Some time later, Cheese visited the Chaotix Detective Agency with Cream, Vanilla, Chocola and Gemerl to gift the Chaotix with treats for their hard work. So as to relieve them of their more strenuous tasks, Vanilla tasked Cheese and Chocola with putting files away. Later on, Cheese went to Tangle's party that she was hosting in Spiral Hill Village and danced with Chocola. Though they enjoyed their time for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mech with the intent of destroying everyone.[7] Cheese subsequently took part in the attack on Eggman's mecha. During the fight, they managed to hit Eggman in the head before he closed his cockpit. Eventually though, Eggman was defeated when Sonic returned. After Eggman had departed, Cheese was embraced by a group hug arranged by Tangle.[8]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Cheese entering the White Park Chao Racing Circuit, from Sonic the Hedgehog #33.

Back home some time afterward, Cheese was helping Cream and Chocola make cookies when they were told by Vanilla that Amy and Rouge needed their help for a mission in White Park Zone that could help them rebuild Omega. In the end, Cheese went along with Cream and Gemerl on Amy and Rogue's mission. Along the way, they also met Shadow, but he declined coming along with them. At White Park Grand Chateau, Rouge registered Cheese for the qualification race in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. Cheese subsequently competed in the ensuing race. At first, they were nervous when they fell behind, but Cream managed to motivate them to keep running. At one point though, Cheese was attacked by Clutch the Opossum's Dark Chao, who knocked them into a pool of water along the race track and slowed them down. However, Cheese managed to make it to the finish line and get into the qualification bracket, thus allowed them to qualify for the next race. While being congratulated by Cream though, Cheese looked at Clutch's Dark Chao, who gave them a malicious stare.[9] The next day, Cheese had breakfast with Amy and Cream before they set off to join more Chao Races to secure a spot for Cheese in the semi-finals. Regardless, Cheese was still unnerved by Clutch's Dark Chao. In the final race, however, they managed to avoid Clutch's Dark Chao's attacks and overtake them, thus allowing them to cross the finish line. There, Cream congratulated Cheese while Rouge wanted to take him to the first-aid tent to see if he was hurt. However, Amy forced her to reveal her real motives, which were that she wanted to trick Clutch the Opossum by offering him Cheese in exchange for the parts they needed and then turn the tables against him. Agreeing on the plan, Cheese, Cream, Amy, and Gemerl followed Rouge to Clutch's suite. There, Rouge pretended to offer Cheese to Clutch. Suddenly, however, Shadow appeared and knocked out Clutch. He also showed them a cage in which the Chao that did not win the race for Clutch were kept, a sight which shocked Cheese.[10]

When Amy arrived with Sonic and Belle the Tinkerer, Cheese and Cream were still trying to open the cage that the Chao were locked in, but could not do it without hurting the Chao. However, Belle offered to help them out since tinkering with things like locks were her specialty. Before they could open the cage though, Clutch managed to recover and activate the Badniks in his suite, before disappearing. Amy proceeded to fight a Snowy while Cheese stayed with Cream, whom Gemerl protected from the Badniks.[11] Eventually, Cheese made a truce with Clutch's Dark Chao, who, along with the other Chao, promised to help fight the Badniks. After the Chao were freed, Cheese helped defeat the Badniks with them. He later participated in the evacuation of the chateau before an avalanche could hit it. After returning to Tails' Workshop some time later, they took part in a picnic with the other Chao.[12]


Cheese is a friendly and caring Chao. Kind-hearted and very loyal to their friend Cream, Cheese is quite determined and brave as they will not hesitate to protect their friends in their time of need, even at the risk of their own well-being.[2][6]

Powers and abilities

According to Chao trainer Clutch the Opossum, Cheese is an exceptionally powerful Chao, being considered among the best Clutch has ever seen. In fact, if Cheese were to undergo proper training, they could be something "legendary."[9]

As a Chao, Cheese is capable of flight using their small wings. They also have a considerable amount of strength that is enough to deal some damage to opponents.[2][7]


Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is Cheese's best friend. In addition, besides being Cream's loyal companion, they also serve Cream as her protector, being willing to defend her no matter the cost, even when it means risking their own well-being.[2] In return, Cream is able to motivate Cheese and raise their spirits.[9] Cheese and Cream are in fact so well-tuned with each other, that Cheese's mood tends to reflect Cream's.


Chocola is Cheese's twin. They are very close to each other, and when something happens to one of them, the other will immediately defend them, no matter the consequences.[2]





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