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Charmy Man is the roboticized version of Charmy Bee. He was a Roboticized Master. As of now, Charmy has been successfully de-roboticized.


Ive been killed by music!

Charmy Man being subdued by the Acoustic Blaster.

Charmy and the other members of the Chaotix were among those captured and converted into members of the Roboticized Masters. After meeting this fate thanks to an attack by Copybot, Charmy was transformed into Charmy Man. He was deployed against Sonic and Mega Man's team of heroes alongside the other masters, and with his teammates Vector Man and Charmy Man ended up facing the blue heroes, Tails, and, Rush. Despite proving a formidable opponent to Sonic, he was defeated after Mega Man adapted Vector Man's Acoustic Blaster power. Like his Crocodile teammate, Charmy Man was then restored to his normal, organic form.

Powers and abilities

Charmy Man is capable of flight, but had a pair of turbine engines on his back in place of wings. His main combat ability is his Rapid Stinger, in which he transformed his hands into launchers that fired metallic stingers. However, like the other Roboticized Masters, he is vulnerable to Sonic and Mega Man's combined powers. He is also notably vulnerable to Vector Man's Acoustic Blaster attack, which Mega Man believed may have been a built in weakness designed by Dr. Wily.

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  • During his battle with Charmy Man, Sonic started to suggest that they nickname him "Blast-" before being cutoff. This was a reference to Mega Man X Maverick boss, Blast Hornet.[1]


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