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Charmy Bee is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. A native of the Special Zone, he is a member of the Chaotix Crew. Charmy is also the son of the Queen Bee and thus the prince of the Hive. However, his teammates do not know this and he insists that they do not find out.[1]


Prior to his first appearance, Charmy left the Hive and his royal duties in order to become a superhero with the Chaotix Crew.[1] Although he initially kept in touch with his mother the Queen (enough that she later let him borrow dozens of worker bees to save Chaotix from the Fundamental Four),[2] over time he lost contact and went for months without calling home even once.[1]

He was later summoned home to fulfil his princely responsibilities. Sonic the Hedgehog saw Charmy being taken away by the bee warriors and reluctantly agreed to accompany Charmy, but insisted he wasn't Charmy's "friend".[1] After Sonic saved the Hive from an attack by Vesper and his wasps, Sonic was given a chance to ask for anything he wanted. At Charmy's urging, he asked the Queen to let Charmy return back home to the Chaotix, but insisted that none of Charmy's teammates ever find out, for fear that they'd probably kill him.[3]

As well as several more adventures with Chaotix, Charmy also visited Mobius on a couple of occasions to help out. On a whim, he happened to visit Sonic while fighting Metal Mate, a robot badly-designed by Max Gamble. Using his flying prowess, Charmy was able to dispose of a plutonium bomb set to explode.[4] He later responded to a call for help from Tails, the two aiding each other in the final collapse of D.R.A.T..[5]

Later, Chaotix were attacked by the Crimson Cobra. Charmy was subjected to the brain-scrambler, but he did not get aggressive like his colleagues. Instead, in his insanity, Charmy bought out Crimson Cobra Inc. with his immense wealth, ending the crime-lord's threat.[6]


Charmy is extremely scatterbrained and hyper, frequently annoying his teammates to the point of insanity with his nonsensical banter, odd speech patterns and cries of "righty-diddly-doo!" While he acknowledges that they yell at him all the time, particularly Vector,[7] he genuinely seems to believe that they only pretend he gets on their nerves and doesn't want them to treat him any differently.[1]

Both his own teammates and most villains consider Charmy little more than a pest, due to his apparent insanity and stupidity. On one occasion, after systematically incapacitating Sonic and Mighty, Lightmare specifically said that Charmy was "not worth bothering with" before being taken down by Espio.[8] Despite this, Charmy sometimes appears to be smarter than he acts, and it is occasionally suggested that he deliberately puts on his annoying air, considering it his "cutey-duty as a buzzy bee".[4] Charmy is also the one responsible for defeating the villains in both Chaotix solo strips, first by having the Fundamental Four turned into a ceramic pot (a plan that, even once it was successful, Vector complained about for being too stupid)[2] and then by buying out the Crimson Cobra's company and the base, minions, weapons and even robot arms that came with it.[6]

Charmy's worst nightmare is being sprayed by a can of Buzz Off insect spray.[9]

Powers and abilities

Charmy's most useful skill is his ability to fly, which he has used on several occasions to catch his teammates or innocent civilians when they are falling.


  • Charmy's scatterbrained personality in Sonic the Comic predates his similar personality in the post-Sonic Heroes games by over eight years.
  • Writer Nigel Kitching derived Charmy's unique speech pattern from a steam-driven robot character from an old 2000AD strip written by John Wagner.[10]
  • Charmy's name was misspelled Charmee several times during the series, including "Total Chaotix" (Sonic the Comic #53 to #58, the first appearance of Charmy and Chaotix, although Charmy's name is only mentioned in parts 2 and 4), the pin-up from Sonic the Comic #124, and "Crimson Cobra Strikes" (Sonic the Comic #152 to #154, the last appearance of Chaotix).


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