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Charmy: High in the Sky is the third Challenge Act of Planet Wisp Act 2 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the modern era and is playable only as Modern Sonic.


Sonic using Charmy to make a platform.

Except for a few sections, this Challenge Act takes within several new areas of Planet Wisp Act 2. The first section includes several bottomless pits while the latter are filled with laser fields, iron balls, pickaxe-wielding Egg Pawns, and spiked traps. The two former can be deactivated with Switches. The middle and last portions of the Challenge Act also include periodically-launching missiles which can be blocked with Whirlwind and Cases.


In this Challenge Act, the objective is to reach the Goal Ring at the end of the course. To reach it, the player has to make use of Charmy Bee's Whirlwind technique to create temporary platforms which can be activated by pressing Triangle/XboxY.png.

At the beginning, the player has to maneuver through a small course over a bottomless pit which has either metal barriers or lasers outlining it. Along the way, rotating iron balls, crammed spaces, and Egg Pawns will obscure the path. When reaching the iron balls, the player has to press a switch to proceed. After reaching solid ground, the player has to scale some platforms to an upper levels while using switches to create Case-barriers to block incoming missiles. After that, the player must continue down the right path to the final part. Here, the player must use switches to form staircases to the upper levels where the upward path is littered with iron balls and missiles. The player should then use a switch to stop the iron balls and keep using Whirlwind to climb until the Goal Ring is in sight.


"Oh, I am so dizzy I might hurl... I'm glad I could help though, Sonic."
—After talking to him in White Space when the act is finished.


Cannot be seen, but Sonic is inside the platform.

  • There is a glitch that occurs if the player Air Boosts on the Goal Ring's platform. This glitch causes Sonic to go into the 3D perspective and get stuck inside the platform.



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