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Charlie's Mech Suit[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an exo-suit weapon from the time of the Ancients which was excavated and claimed by Charlie.



Charlie's Mech Suit is a grey humanoid suit over three times Tails' height with yellow and teal outlines. It has a round chest section with oval-shaped shoulder guards, a thin lower torso and pelvis, thick forearms with no hands and five clawed fingers, and thick lower legs with boot-like feet. It also has no head and an open, hollowed-out space in its chest where the pilot sits.

Features and abilities

When worn, the mech suit grants the user greater strength and speed, enough to deflect a high-speed spin attack barehanded and send regular people flying with one hit.[2][3] The suit itself is also fairly durable, capable of withstanding a direct hit from Amy's Hammer without flinching.[3]


The mech suit's energy field beams.

In addition to physical strength, the mech suit can shoot energy beams from its hands. These beams can create energy fields around its targets to immobilize them in space or produce concussive laser blasts (in the form of blue beams or fireballs) strong enough to shatter boulders.[4] Additionally, the mech suit can fire multiple beams from its hands at once in just one blast, allowing it to hit multiple targets over a wider range.[5]


In terms of weaknesses, the mech suit's beams are susceptible to being deflected back at it.[4] Its hamstrings are also highly vulnerable to damage.[2] Also, its energy fields will be dispatched should the mech suit take damage.[3]


TV series


Originating from the Ancients, Charlie's Mech Suit ended up buried in the outskirts of the Village for centuries.[4]

Season one


Charlie prepares to fight Knuckles in his mech suit.

In the present, the mech was discovered by Charlie at a dig site. Having lost his job, home and wife thanks to Knuckles, Charlie stole the shattered mech from the dig site, restored it and used it to bully Knuckles as revenge until the echidna decided to retaliate and trashed Charlie's Mech Suit.[4] Having repaired it, Charlie wore his mech when coming to a meeting at Dr. Eggman's lair, where he joined Team Eggman, a group of villains dedicated to destroying Team Sonic. Charlie used his mech to help Dr. Eggman and Giant Robot corner Sonic, but the hedgehog knocked the suit into Giant Robot, short-circuiting them both.[6]

Season two

The mech suit was eventually used by Charlie to battle Sonic and Knuckles. After Sonic took advantage of the mech's vulnerable hamstrings though, Charlie retreated.[2] During a crime wave, Charlie would disrespect the Unnamed Village's traffic signs with his mech suit.[7] Charlie later put his mech suit to use when battling Team Sonic. Having tricked Knuckles to help him, Charlie seemed unstoppable, but after he used Knuckles to protect his mech suit, the echidna helped his team bring the mech suit down, forcing Charlie to leave it behind when he fled.[5]


Belinda using Charlie's Mech Suit.

When Charlie declined to attack Hedgehog Village while it was vulnerable, Belinda took matters into her hands with Charlie's Mech Suit. Arriving in the Village, Belinda used the mech suit to attack and freeze the villagers while battling Amy and Sticks. However, she got outmatched when Amy and Sticks disabled the mech suit. Charlie later wore it while Belinda tried out her anniversary gift.[3] Following this, Charlie would use his mech suit to battle Sonic, but was defeated again. After that, Charlie continued to wear his mech suit while he went on with his day.[8]



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