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For Sonic the Hedgehog's uncle, see Sir Charles Hedgehog.

A superior student and aspiring doctor who sits at the top of his class and shows no sign of slipping. One teensy little problem: he's squeamish and can't stand the sight of blood. When the cadavers roll in, he rolls out, then talks the professor into giving him credit anyway.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Charles (チャールズ Charuzu?) is a character that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Empire City and a student in medicine at Empire City's local university who aims to become the world's best doctor.


While living in Empire City, Charles studied medicine at the university. Whenever cadavers were used in his lessons on the university, Charles would stay away because of his hemophobia and talk his professor into still giving him credit for the lesson. Eventually, Charles became the unwavering top student of his class.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Charles heard everyone talking about dark ghosts appearing, but did not believe them due to their illogicality. During this period, Charles was possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions, whose influence caused him to lose all of his faith in his skills and his dream to become the world's best doctor during the night, but would later return to normal during the day.

Later on, Charles met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first arrived in Empire City, where he introduced himself and told them about how other people told stories about Dark Gaia's Minions, which he thought were rubbish and unscientific, before asking the if they agreed with him. During the following nightfall, Charles met Sonic and Chip again, but due to the influence of Dark Gaia's Minions, he told them about how he thought he had no talent and laughed at himself for thinking he could become the world's best doctor.

Charles continued to have this behavior for some time, shifting between his moods between day and night, until Sonic the Werehog and Chip returned and exorcised him. As he came to himself, Charles told Sonic and Chip hat the lethargy he felt was gone and he felt great, though Charles contributed his recovery to his own treatments and proclaimed that he knew that he could treat anything. As Sonic asked Charles about his conditions, Charles told him that he did have this "mysterious ailment".

Later on, when Badniks invaded Empire City, Charles heard that all that was happening was Dr. Eggman's fault. Soon after, he met Sonic and Chip again and told them what he had heard, though he thought it was nonsense and that Eggman did this because he was bored.

After Empire City's continent was restored, Charles met Hualin, where he heard from her during their conversation that Zonshen in Chun-nan was the world's best doctor. Charles, however, could not believe that such a doctor lived out in the boonies, with no universities or medical facilities. After being rebuked by Hualin for saying that, Charles also heard from her that Zonshen's medicines could cure anything, much to his amazement. Hualin then asked him what the local cuisine was, and Charles told her it would be a hot dog.

Later on, Charles met Sonic and Chip, where he asked Sonic if he was feeling well, but was a little disappointed to hear he was well. Charles then told them that he had been thinking about how best put his skills to use since he thought he was the perfect doctor with nothing left for him to learn. Regardless, Charles told Sonic and Chip of what he had heard about Zonshen's medical skills. Wishing to learn about Zonshen's treatments, Charles asked Sonic to find Zonshen and tell him that he wanted to meet him. As Sonic accepted Charles's request, Charles thanked him and told him that he would wait for a reply, certain that he could unravel the secret of Zonshen's treatments upon first glance. When Sonic later return, telling him that Zonshen wanted to meet him, Charles was overjoyed and left to prepare traveling to Chun-nan.

After arriving in Chun-nan, Charles was held back in his search of Zonshen by Chun, much to his frustration. Later on, while talking to Chun, Charles met Sonic and Chip again, where he explained his problem with Chun to them. He then asked Chun what it would take to let him see Zonshen and was surprised to hear that he had to give Chun some meat buns. Despite his displeasure, Charles accepted it and asked Sonic to bring him three meat buns. After Charles gave Chun his meat buns, he asked him to be taken to Zonshen, but was put on hold because Chun had to finish his meal, much to Charles's annoyance. Shortly after, Charles told Sonic of how annoyed he was by Chun's request before deciding stop this nonsense and went back to his residence in Chun-nan.

The next day, Charles looked for Zonshen again, but again held back in his search, this time by Yilin. Later on, while talking to Yilin, Charles met Sonic and Chip again, and told them about his issue with Yilin. Charles then asked Yilin what it took for him to get to Zonshen and was annoyed to hear that he had to play hide and seek with her. Regardless, Charles accepted it, though he got Sonic to assist him, despite threatening him not to run away. After the game, Charles was exhausted and asked Yilin to take him to Zonshen, which Yilin agreed to. After that, Charles told Sonic of how annoyed he was with the turn of events before saying that he would sue if Zonshen turned out to be a sham.

Soon after, Charles finally met Zonshen and told him that he had come to learn his healing techniques. While Zonshen agreed to teach him, Charles was set to deliver medicine to others instead of being taught healing arts as he thought he would. This created a conflict between him and Zonshen, with Charles getting frustrated at his assignments while calling Zonshen an old coot. Later on, Charles met Sonic and Chip again, where he told them how displeased he was at doing delivery jobs. Suddenly, however, Charles got the idea of having Sonic do deliveries for him so he could get his job done quickly and continue with Zonshen's lessons. As Sonic agreed to help, Charles asked Sonic to deliver some medicine to a woman called Sarianna, though he had no idea where she lived, before thanking the hedgehog.

When Sonic returned from delivering the medicine, Charles thanked him and hurried over to Zonshen to get lessons on the healing arts. After telling Zonshen that he finished his deliveries, Charles was sure that his next task was to treat a patient, but was instead given more work. Angry, Charles told Zonshen that he had come to learn the world's top doctor's techniques, only to get a loud outburst from Zonshen, who told him that book knowledge was not enough to help others and that the jobs he gave him was to teach him human contact, which was the best way for a doctor to help his patients. Charles tried to reply to Zonshen, but Zonshen told him to go home. Frustrated, Charles insisted on not going home empty-handed after having put up with him. Charles then pronounced with firm resolve that he would master this medicine through human contact and told Zonshen that he was ready for anything and to bring it on.

After that, Charles met Sonic and Chip again where he asked them if they could believe the way Zonshen acted, before stating with determination that he was not leaving until he had won him over.


Because of his high grades, Charles is very arrogant and has ignored the human connection that doctors require, believing only medical knowledge is needed. However, he is squeamish and cannot stand the sight of blood. He is a smooth talker and quite convincing given how he has been able to convince his teachers to give him credits despite his limited participation in classes. Regardless, he has the right spirit and wishes to put his skills to good use.


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