When sliding, your speed will drop, but you will jump higher.
Sonic and the Secret Rings[1]

The Charge Jump (チャージジャンプ Chājijanpu?) is a Skill used by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It allows Sonic to perform vertical movements. It is one of the default Skills available at the start of the game and is taught in Paragraph 02 of Lost Prologue. Unlike most other Skills in Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Charge Jump does not belong under any category or Element Group.


When performing the Charge Jump, Sonic crouches slightly down and gathers up his strength, which is signified by a small red aura surrounding him. This can be done when he is running, though it will cause him to slide along the ground and slow down, or when he is standing still. When releasing his charge, Sonic will then execute a jump that is much higher than his regular jump, allowing him to reach higher places. In order to use the Charge Jump, this Skill must be equipped to the Skill ring that Sonic is chosen to use during the mission. It costs five Skill Points to equip.

To perform the Charge Jump in gameplay, the player must hold the Snnwii2buttondisco.png button on the Wii remote to charge and then release it to jump.


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