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Charge Attack is a move used by each member of Team Sonic in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. When using this move, the user delivers a high-powered attack.


Charge Attack

Knuckles using his Charge Attack.

Charge Attack is a move that can damage enemies and destroy obstacles. When performing it, the user stands in one spot and charges up strength for a strike. For some users (like Sonic and Knuckles), charging long enough will make the user starts glowing where they strike with. Once charged, the user delivers a frontal hit that deals massive damage and can pierce shields used by some enemies. The longer the move is charged, the more damage it deals.

The execution of this move depends on the user: Sonic delivers a fury of kicks, Knuckles strikes with his right fist, Amy twirls her hammer before stabbing forward with it like a spear, and Tails fires a barrage of fireworks.

To use this move in gameplay, the player must press and hold down Snnwiidsybuttondisco to charge and then release it to strike. When using this attack, however, the character must stand in one spot, making them vulnerable to attacks. Having the Speedy Charge Power Glyph equipped to the character will reduce the charging time though.

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