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The Chaotix, also referred to as the Chaotix Crew, are a team of heroes from the British publication Sonic the Comic published by Fleetway Editions. Chaotix are the guardians of the Special Zone and were founded by the Omni-Viewer. In this continuity the group consists of Vector, Espio, Charmy, and Mighty. Nack the Weasel was also an early member, but quit the group and betrayed them to the Brotherhood of Metallix.

They first appeared when Knuckles arrived in the Special Zone. Believing Knuckles to be a servant of Doctor Robotnik, the Omni-Viewer summoned Chaotix to fight him. When the truth was discovered, Knuckles briefly joined forces in order to fight a greater threat (although in this continuity he was never a full member of the team).

Sonic the Hedgehog was later trapped in the Special Zone for an extended period, and spent much time with Chaotix. During this period he met several of Chaotix's own enemies, such as Lord Sidewinder, as well as Mighty's senile father Blockhead Bill. Chaotix were instrumental in imprisoning Super Sonic, first within the Omni-Viewer's time field and then within the Black Asteroid.


Early adventures

Some time after Robotnik abandoned his Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, the Chaotix Crew were assembled (presumably by the Omni-Viewer) to act as guardians for the Zone and all the worlds within it. They had some success, making a nemesis in the supervillain Lord Sidewinder and defeating the evil Fundamental Four,[1] but were also framed for bank robbery on the planet Meridian.[2]

Their first appearance in the comic was when Knuckles was accidentally transported to the Zone; believing he was still working for Robotnik, the Chaotix - Vector, Mighty, Espio, Charmy and Nack the Weasel - attacked him. They soon realised he was no longer on Robotnik's side, but they had little time to apologise as they came under attack by two agents of the Brotherhood of Metallix. The Metallix had established themselves in Robotnik's abandoned Special Zone base and had, unknown to the Chaotix, bribed Nack to betray his team-mates and help them capture the Omni-Viewer. The Chaotix pursued the Metallix and, with the help of Knuckles, just barely managed to save Omni; the entire team was nearly killed in the process, and Nack was both revealed as a traitor and badly injured.[3]

The Chaotix (sans Nack) soon discovered that the Brotherhood had not, as they thought, been destroyed but had instead relocated to the Miracle Planet. They went to Mobius and, teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog and later Porker Lewis, they battled against the Metallix and their attempt to rewrite history.[4] With that done, they remained on Mobius for a while and helped Knuckles stop Nack from looting the Sandopolis Zone before returning to the Special Zone.[5]

Hosting Sonic in the Special Zone

After a brief rematch with the Fundamental Four (who were turned into a vase),[3] the Chaotix continued business as usual until Sonic arrived, bearing warning that the demonic Super Sonic was loose in the Special Zone. To Sonic's very great surprise and frustration, however, none of the Chaotix Crew seemed to care, confident that they could deal with Super Sonic if he turned up. Instead, they chose to visit New Tek City on Planet Meridian, where they joined in a fight between the "heroic" Justice Brigade and the "villainous" Discriminators (although their only justification for the fight was that "fighting villains is just what us heroes do!"). When the police arrived, the Chaotix Crew fled (as did both the Discriminators and the Justice Brigade), but Sonic was too confused to run away (he had not realised Chaotix were wanted by the police) and was arrested.[2] When they learned that their old enemy Lord Sidewinder had posted Sonic's bail, they travelled to Sidewinder's estate where they joined in a three-way battle between Sonic, Sidewinder's group and Super Sonic, who had manipulated Sidewinder into bring Sonic to him. Sidewinder's gang escaped, but Sonic and the Omni-Viewer managed to trap Super Sonic inside Omni's energy field, frozen in time. Unfortunately, this also incapacitated Omni and left Sonic stranded in the Special Zone, during which time he stayed with Chaotix.[6]

After discovering that time was still moving inside Omni's energy field (albeit very slowly) and that Super Sonic would eventually escape, as well as fending off attempts to steal Super Sonic by Sidewinder's gang[7] and Nack the Weasel, Chaotix buried Omni-Viewer within the Black Asteroid so that Super would remain trapped even if he eventually escaped the Omni-Viewer.[8] Sonic continued to live in Chaotix's asteroid headquarters for several months, helping them battle random villains[9][10] and defeating an invasion of Wasps led by Vesper on Charmy's Hive,[11] before moving out into his own apartment in New Tek City.[12] At some point, Chaotix were also cleared of the bank robbery and no longer wanted by the police.[13]

Eventually Super Sonic escaped the Omni-Viewer and began supercharging the Asteroid in order to break out,[14] a feat that would blanket Meridian with an electromagnetic pulse.[15] At the same time, Lord Sidewinder and his gang came out of hiding in a foolish attempt to gain control of Super Sonic. Lightmare, Sidewinder's sidekick, became concerned at Sidewinder's growing insanity, and asked Chaotix to stop him, revealing at the same time that she was his daughter.[14] Chaotix did indeed find and defeat Sidewinder's crew, and at the last second before exploding, the Omni-Viewer transported the Asteroid to Mobius,[15] where the electromagnetic pulse took out all Robotnik's Badniks. Sonic returned to Mobius immediately afterwards, while Chaotix were left to deliver Lord Sidewinder and his associates to the proper authorities.[16]

Later adventures

The Chaotix continued to battle evil within the Zone, especially Meridian, and several times Charmy Bee went to Mobius to assist the Freedom Fighters. The next major case, also involving Mighty's senile dad Blockhead Bill, Bill's friend Society Max and Sonic, had the Chaotix go up against the legendary Root, a sentient plant living in New Tek Swamp who could control minds and wield powerful magics. Root, attempting to conquer New Tek City, ended up taking control of Blockhead Bill, Max and the Chaotix, forcing Sonic to battle them until Root and his control were defeated. The next big clash saw the Chaotix come under systematic attack by the Crimson Cobra, a Lex Luthor-style archvillain: Vector was transformed into a rampaging monster, Mighty & Espio were hit by a ray that made them ultra-belligerent, and Charmy Bee was hit by a ray that messed up his mind. The Chaotix were seemingly beaten and discredited in the eyes of the public. However, the ray caused Charmy to go crazy enough to come up with a plan - to buy out the Crimson Cobra's company, and thus his villainous law, evil minions, weapons and even his robot arms ("Mr Bee owns this company now!"). The Chaotix had their reputations restored and the Cobra's menace was definitively ended.


  • While the Crimson Cobra story was the last Sonic the Comic appearance of the Chaotix, Lew Stringer originally intended to have them assisting the rescue operations in the apocalyptic "Planet In Peril" story.

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