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Quotation1 What're we standin' around for? We're the Chaotix! C'mon, boys! Quotation2
Vector the Crocodile, Sonic the Hedgehog #6

The Chaotix,[2] also known as Team Chaotix,[1] are a group that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. They are a trio of detectives from the Chaotix Detective Agency consisting of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee.[2]



When Dr. Eggman disappeared, the Chaotix were hired by the Resistance to look for the doctor to bring him to justice.[2][3] After finding nothing in the ruins of Imperial City, they tracked down and interrogated Orbot and Cubot, but they knew nothing. When Eggman's computer showed no trace of escape plans either, the Chaotix searched Eggman's other bases in Mystic Jungle and elsewhere, only to find nothing but trouble. Eventually though, they received an anonymous tip that led them to Eggman in an idyllic village. However, it seemed like Eggman had lost his memory, leading to him becoming a productive member of the village, now with the name of "Mr. Tinker". After interrogating and observing Eggman for a couple of days, the Chaotix concluded that Eggman's amnesia was legitimate. However, this presented the Chaotix with a new dilemma: whether or not it was right to penalize Eggman now that he was a good man with no recollection of his evil deeds.[2]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman


The Chaotix prepare to battle Shadow, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

The Chaotix eventually had Espio bring Sonic to the village, where they brought him up to speed on the situation with Eggman, so he could help them figure out what to do. While Vector and Espio discussed with Sonic and the head of the village however, a horde of Badniks approached the village. Suspecting the Badniks to be Eggman's rescue force, the Chaotix engaged the Badniks while Sonic confronted Eggman. Sonic soon after joined the Chaotix, though, and helped clear out the Badniks while informing them that Eggman wanted nothing to do with his old robots. Believing now that Eggman was a changed man, the Chaotix prepared to leave Eggman to his new life. Shortly after the Chaotix had said their piece, however, Shadow and Rouge showed up, with the former seeking to eliminate Eggman after hearing him mention Eggman Land.[2]

While Sonic and Shadow began fighting, the Chaotix turned their attention to Rouge, whom Vector blamed for Shadow's arrival. However, Rouge revealed that she was on their side. As it turned out, Shadow was already looking for Eggman, and would have hurt the Chaotix if they got in his way. As such, she gave the Chaotix the anonymous tip that led them to Eggman so they would have time to verify Eggman's situation and bring in Sonic before she "helped" Shadow find Eggman. Afterward, the Chaotix tried to stop Shadow from getting to Eggman, but failed. Fortunately, Shadow had been convinced by Sonic to talk to the amnesiac Eggman first. After Eggman showed Shadow that his "Eggman Land" was but an amusement park for children, Shadow and Rouge took their leave. Luckily for the Chaotix, Rouge promised they could keep the full fee for finding Eggman.[4]

Battle For Angel Island

Eventually, the Chaotix were called to Resistance HQ. There, they and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. Eventually, the Chaotix were assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo Metal Sonic.[1]


The Chaotix joining their allies in the fight against Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

On the way to Angel island, the Chaotix spent the time playing cards. As soon as their ship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, the Chaotix and their allies got off the ship before it crashed. Landing then on Angel Island, the Chaotix were instructed to "do [their] thing", and began battling the island's legion of Egg Pawns.[1] Eventually, they began focusing on destroying the right wing unit that had been attached to Angel Island, but they were unable to make much progress until Tails hijacked an Egg Fleet battleship and began bombarding the wing unit with it. As the wing unit fell apart, the Chaotix escaped it and made it onboard the battleship Tails had secured.[5] When Master Overlord (a transformation Neo Metal Sonic had achieved with the Master Emerald) then attacked the battleship, the Chaotix joined their allies in a midair assault on Master Overlord, whom they forced closer to Angel Island (which was in freefall due to the absence of the Master Emerald) while Knuckles focused on removing the Master Emerald from Master Overlord's body. During the battle, the Chaotix got shaken off Master Overlord, but were rescued by Silver with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. With the battle over, the Chaotix took a much needed breather on Angel Island.[6]

As everyone got ready to leave Angel Island onboard a repaired Egg Fleet battleship, the Chaotix went to see Amy to collect their payment for their services, which included finding Dr. Eggman, uncovering the identity of the doctor's impersonator, and helping bring down Metal Sonic. Being unprepared for the request, Amy tried insisting that being part of the Resistance was its own reward.[3]

Crisis City


The Chaotix starting the evacuation of Seaside City, from Sonic the Hedgehog #17.

The Chaotix were later in their office in Seaside City when they received information from Tails. As it turned out, Dr. Eggman had returned and was using a Metal Virus to change people into Zombots, In addition, Sonic had been infected with the Metal Virus and now had to run excessively to keep his infection in check. Soon after, the Chaotix had to withdraw from their office when it got attacked by a Zombot. Once outside though, they saw that the whole city was under attack by Zombots. Determined to carry out an evacuation of the survivors, the Chaotix decided to lead the survivors to the docks. Vector then contacted Amy, asking her to send a Rescue Shuttle and support. The team then split up and started gathering various groups of uninfected civilians. Sonic soon after showed up as well, and helped them with the evacuation. When Espio and Charmy were leading a group of civilians down to the docks however, a civilian was revealed to have already been partially infected by the Metal Virus. Having no choice, Vector trapped the civilian in a cage of made of cars, which Charmy did not like. The Chaotix then brought the civilians to the docks, where they entered a Rescue Shuttle. There, Vector and Espio kept the Zombots at bay while Charmy counted the survivors. After a while, however, Charmy decided to save the civilian that Vector left trapped in the city. Ignoring Vector's orders, Charmy flew into the city where he was captured by Zombots. Vector wanted to go after him, but Espio stopped him. Having no other choice, Vector and Espio decided to depart in the Rescue Shuttle, leaving Charmy's fate in the hands of Sonic, who promised to find him.[7]

After Vector and Espio reached Restoration HQ, they began regular shifts to find survivors and supplies while also looking for Charmy. They later met up with Sonic who was not able to find their partner.[8]

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