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The Chaotix's Spaceship (カオティクスの宇宙船 Kaotikusu no Uchūsen?) is a vessel that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was a spaceship employed by the Chaotix trio to travel in space.



Metarex Saga

After being hired by Vanilla the Rabbit to deliver some of Christopher Thorndyke's belongings to him, the Chaotix puzzled over where they would get a ship, only for this one to crash conveniently nearby. Fixing it up and putting their office building/house atop it, the trio set off into space and eventually intercepted the Blue Typhoon. The vehicle was briefly employed in an attempt to return Cream home to her mother, but the Chaotix were persuaded not to return her. Subsequently, their ship developed faults that made it so they could not return home, but fortunately Tails was able to get it working again.[1]

Yet another breakdown landed the Chaotix on a planet where they were able to buy replacement parts, though they ended up setting up a restaurant named the Croc Canteen in order to gather the needed funds.[2] Eventually, the ship carried them into battle to aid the Blue Typhoon and Crimson Egg in battle against Final Mova.[3]


  • The eyecatch card for the ship shows it to bear a strong resemblance to Thunderbird 3 from the show Thunderbirds. The design for the ship in the show itself is different, however, appearing much shorter.




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