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This move exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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Chaos Spear (カオススピア Kaosu Supia?) is a move that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is the signature technique used by Shadow the Hedgehog where he fires chaos energy as a set of arrows.


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Shadow channeling chaos energy into his hand to fire a Chaos Spear.

Chaos Spear is a technique where Shadow charges chaos energy as a form of electricity and then fires it as a set of yellow energy arrows by swinging his hands forward. This technique is highly powerful, capable of destroying spaceships and cause noticeable explosions from even far away. Launching it while airborne also increases its damage radius.[1] However, it is weaker than the passive forces of the Master Emerald. It is also very fast, as even beings like Sonic and Knuckles have trouble keeping up with it. Additionally, entering a super form amplifies the Chaos Spear's power and numbers significantly.



Shadow Saga


Sonic escaping the Chaos Spears.

The Chaos Spear was first shown used by Shadow when fighting Sonic and later the Bio Lizard onboard the Space Colony ARK.[1][2]

Metarex Saga

The Chaos Spear was used again during Super Shadow and Super Sonic's battle onboard the Metarex Station, though it did little to determine the outcome of the battle which remained unsettled.[3] When Shadow later set his sights on eliminating Cosmo, he made a heavy use of the Chaos Spear when he invaded the Blue Typhoon, using it against the X-Tornado, the ship's walls and in a failed attempt against Knuckles.[3] In the final battle against Final Mova, the Chaos Spear did not do much for Shadow, as they were useless against the villain's force field.


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Super Sonic using an attack resembling the Chaos Spear.

  • In "A Metarex Melée", Super Sonic is seen shooting energy blasts that are very similar to the Chaos Spear. However, it is unconfirmed whether it is the same attack or not.
  • The concept of the Chaos Spears in Sonic X, is similar to those in Sonic Adventure 2, as they are both fired as multiple arrows, instead of as one like in the modern games.

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