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The Chaos Orb[1] (カオスオーブ[2] Kaosuōbu?) is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are gem-like objects that, when collected, increase Experience.


Chaos Orbs resemble yellow, transparent, octahedron-shaped crystals and comes in different sizes. When collecting a Chaos Orb, it will increase the player's current Experience Points

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed, the Chaos Orbs make their debut. By increasing the player's Experience Points with them, they can used on the Status Screen to increase Sonic's parameters. Once a parameter levels up, Sonic's abilities will increase and he can learn new skills as well (Werehog only).

Chaos Orbs can be collected from defeated enemies in the game. Upon their destruction, enemies will release a certain amount of Chaos Orbs which can be collected by Sonic. In daytime Action Stages, all released Chaos Orbs will automatically be drawn towards Sonic, while in nighttime Action Stages, Sonic the Werehog has to get close to the Chaos Orbs to collect them. Furthermore, the Chaos Orbs will disappear if not collected after a while.

The amount of Experience each Chaos Orb grants is determined by its size, meaning that the larger the Chaos Orb is, the more Experience it will grant. Equally, the tougher the enemy is, the larger the Chaos Orbs will be when the enemy in question is defeated.

Sonic Speed Simulator

In Sonic Speed Simulator, Chaos Orbs, like in Sonic Unleashed, increase the player's XP. In this game, they come in different colors.

In gameplay, Chaos Orbs are found in every world, and are the primary way for the player to increase their level. Notably, the color of a Chaos Orb determines the amount of XP they grant. They also appear at different rates based on their color, meaning generally that the Chaos Orbs that grant greater amounts of XP respawn less frequently than those that grant lesser amounts of XP. The XP value given to the player when picking up a Chaos Orb can as well be affected by Chao, trails, and the game's rebirth multiplier. It is also affected by the Triple XP Boost. Chao and Trails also use the XP from Orbs to level up, but they only receive the base XP values. Furthermore, the values of the Chaos Orbs increase with each world they are found in. This means that the second world has a 2x Multiplier, the third world has a 3x Multiplier, and so on.

The different Chaos Orbs and their values are as follows:

Image Base XP
Chaos-orb.webp 10
Chaosorb b.png 15
Chaosorb p.webp 20
Chaosorb r.png 40
Chaosorb g.webp 150

The chime that Chaos Orbs make when collected uses the same sound as Pearls from Sonic and the Secret Rings. This includes when the chime increase in pitch when Chaos Orbs are continuously collected, the chimes reset after a short period without collecting Chaos Orbs.


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