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The Chaos Inferno (カオスインフェルノ) is Team Dark's Team Blast in the game Sonic Heroes. It consists of Shadow performing Chaos Control, whilst Omega, lifted up by Rouge, fires large lasers whilst rotating the top half of his body.


File:Team Dark Ultra Blast by SPYKE THE HEDGIE.jpg

Shadow activating the Team Blast with Chaos Control

Chaos Inferno freezes time momentarily once complete, so that all enemies, doors, and switches are frozen in place. There is however a glitch that allows the Team to spin on an invisible pole. The Team Blast charges up while Team Dark destroys enemies in the frozen level. Another glitch can be performed at Ocean Palace. Near the end of the level, where boulders are rolling towards you, wait until there are 3 boulders. When you get near the accelerator (you don't have to be right next to it) use Chaos Inferno. If done correctly you will see a "zoomed out" version of the Team Blast.


  • Whilst performing Chaos Inferno, Shadow uses the green Chaos Emerald regardless of whether he has collected it.
  • After using Chaos Inferno, if you press the Team Blast button again, time will revert back to normal.