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Chaos Inferno (カオスインフェルノ Kaosuinferuno?) is the Team Blast used by Team Dark in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Shadow, Rouge and Omega team up to deliver a knockout technique that destroys all nearby enemies and temporarily freezes time.


Shadow activating the Team Blast with Chaos Control

When performing Chaos Inferno, Shadow grabs the green Chaos Emerald and invokes Chaos Control to freeze time while Rouge lifts Omega up into the air by his head. Omega then reconfigures his arms into laser cannons and fires giant purple laser beams from each of them while rotating his torso counter-clockwise, blasting everything within range.

To perform Chaos Inferno in gameplay, the player must press the White Button/R1/Gamecube Z Button.png when the Team Blast Gauge is full. When performing this technique, it destroys all normal enemies in the vicinity, and also inflicts a large amount of damage to bosses. Additionally, while the Team Blast Gauge is resetting from the usage of Chaos Inferno, time is completely stopped, meaning that enemies, doors, switches and even the stage time are frozen in place. Any damage that enemies sustain will take effect once time unfreezes. While this effect is useful for getting a good time in Stages and attacking enemies, it also means the environment in the Stages will not react to some of the player's actions before time unfreezes. However, the player can instantly reset the Team Blast Gauge early (and manually unfreeze time in the process) by pressing the White Button/R1/Gamecube Z Button.png again.


  • While performing Chaos Inferno, Shadow uses the green transparent Chaos Emerald regardless of whether the player has collected it in gameplay beforehand or not.
  • While under the effects of Chaos Inferno, Team Dark can still use inactive poles if they were activated as if they were fully formed.
  • On the PC version, the Chaos Emerald and Omega's laser beam refuse to use the intended alpha blending like other console systems do for this game. This is due to the way the RenderWare works for PC games if a model or texture does not have transparency.

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