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The Chaos Energy Cannon[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a large orbital energy laser weapon created by Dr. Eggman for the purpose of awakening Dark Gaia from the earth's core.



The Chaos Energy Cannon, from Sonic Unleashed.

The central area of the Chaos Energy Cannon is a dome-shaped platform. Inside it is a large room with windows on the walls, which holds the platform for trapping Super Sonic and a seat for the Egg Mobile. Surrounding the Chaos Energy Cannon's main platform is a ring with seven smaller ellipsoid-shaped units attached to it. Each of these units are attached to the main platform by a small bridge. The Chaos Energy Cannon's main feature, however, is a large silo on the bottom, which can split apart to reveal the collapsible barrel of the energy cannon.

Features and abilities

The Chaos Energy Cannon is designed to take the Chaos Emeralds and reverse their polarity, thereby forcing them to produce negative chaos energy, which is then fired as a massive beam.[2] The effect of this blast is capable of forcing Dark Gaia, an entity feeding on negative energy, to awaken prematurely.

The center of the Chaos Energy Cannon.

In the center of the Chaos Energy Cannon is a platform-like device with retractable pillars that create a high energy field.[2] This energy field is capable of completely restraining even Super Sonic and then strip him of his power by painfully ripping the Chaos Emeralds out of him.



Prior to Sonic Unleashed, Dr. Eggman learned of Dark Gaia. Seeking to harness this creature's power for his Eggmanland project, Eggman figured out a way to awaken Dark Gaia from within the planet's core with negative chaos energy, and designed the Chaos Energy Cannon for this purpose. For the Chaos Energy Cannon to work however, Eggman needed the seven Chaos Emeralds, which were in the possession of Sonic the Hedgehog. The doctor thus planned to launch his space armada for the purpose of luring Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds, which the doctor anticipated Sonic would use to turn into Super Sonic, into his Chaos Energy Cannon.[2]

Sonic Unleashed

The impact from the Chaos Energy Cannon's laser, from Sonic Unleashed.

In Sonic Unleashed, Eggman's plan came to fruition when Sonic arrived to stop Eggman's fleet and became Super Sonic. While escaping from Super Sonic, Eggman lured him into the center of the Chaos Energy Cannon, where he trapped Super Sonic in the cannon's energy field and robbed him of the Chaos Emeralds, thus completing his Chaos Energy Cannon and allowing him to awaken Dark Gaia with it, resulting in the planet being broken apart by Dark Gaia's awakening. Meanwhile, due to his close proximity to the Chaos Emeralds, the feedback created from the Chaos Energy Cannon caused some of Dark Gaia's energy to infect Sonic, causing him to transform into Sonic the Werehog for the first time.[2] In addition, the Chaos Energy Cannon drained the Chaos Emeralds of their power, leaving them inert. After the Chaos Energy Cannon had served its purpose, Eggman expelled both Sonic and the Emeralds from the Chaos Energy Cannon.

Despite its success, Eggman's usage of the Chaos Energy Cannon yielded undesired results; even though it awoke Dark Gaia, the beast had not matured enough, and therefore broke apart and scattered across the world, leaving Eggman with the task of reconstructing it.

In other media

IDW Publishing

The Chaos Energy Cannon being fired, from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, the Chaos Energy Cannon is a space station that Dr. Eggman once used to break the world apart with.


Concept artwork



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