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"Chaos energy" redirects here. For other uses of the term, see Chaos energy (disambiguation).

The Chaos Emeralds infusing Super Sonic with Chaos Emerald energy, from Sonic Forces.

Behold... Power of the Chaos Emeralds!

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders

Chaos Emerald energy,[1] also known as Chaos Emerald power,[2] Emerald forces,[3] or chaos energy,[4] is a force that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It refers to the type of mystical energy generated by the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald.


The red Chaos Emerald emitting Chaos Emerald energy, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Chaos Emerald energy is a mystical[5] form of energy that is generated by the Chaos Emeralds and their controller, the Master Emerald. In the case of the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos Emerald energy is the product of the Emeralds' ability to manifest peoples' thoughts as power.[6] Said to be appliable to all living things,[7][8] Chaos Emerald energy is an unimageable source of power[9] great enough to let someone control the whole world.[10] In fact, the Chaos Emerald energy of all seven Chaos Emeralds can bestow one with what has been described as unlimited power.[11] The only powers in the cosmos known to surpass Chaos Emerald energy are the Power of the Stars[12] and the Phantom Ruby.[13]

Chaos Emerald energy can also be channeled as a tangible energy. Due to the vastness of its power however, Chaos Emerald energy can be highly destructive, being capable of destroying the whole world in large amounts. This is best demonstrated with the Eclipse Cannon: with the Chaos Emerald energy from all seven Chaos Emeralds, it holds enough power to destroy planets and pierce stars.[14][15] That same energy even packed enough power to turn the Space Colony ARK into a bomb that could utterly destroy the earth if it collide with the planet.[16] Even six Chaos Emeralds' Chaos Emerald energy is enough for the Eclipse Cannon to blow up half of the moon.

Perfect Chaos, a being relying on negative Chaos Emerald energy, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

Chaos Emerald energy comes in two specific varieties: positive and negative.[17] The type of Chaos Emerald energy that the Chaos Emeralds produce changes in accordance to the feelings in their wielder's heart.[18] As such, positive feelings such as friendship and caring, will bring out positive Chaos Emerald energy from the Chaos Emeralds, while negative feelings, such as hatred, anger and the wish to destroy, will bring out negative Chaos Emerald energy.[18][19] The exact differences between positive and negative Chaos Emerald energies are not clearly defined, although they appear to neutralize each other.[20] Negative Chaos Emerald energy is also implied to be inferior to that of its positive counterpart.[17]

Chaos Emeralds that have been deprived of their Chaos Emerald energy will lose their lustre and look like gray, ordinary stones. However, their Chaos Emerald energy can be restored in various ways. These include people's thoughts,[19] the Gaia Temples and/or their connection to their planet's power,[21][22] through exposure to the Sol Emeralds,[23] and letting them reabsorb their drained Chaos Emerald energy.[24]

Shadow firing Chaos Emerald energy as a Chaos Spear, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

The application options for Chaos Emerald energy are vast; when used in conjunction with the Chaos Emeralds' abilities, Chaos Emerald energy appears to be capable of bending reality to achieve feats nothing short of miracles if one focuses their thoughts enough.[25][26] Applied at its most basic level, Chaos Emerald energy is capable of powering machines, and when further developed through science and technology, it can be used to create nuclear weapons and laser beams.[8] When applied to living beings though, Chaos Emerald energy can temporarily enhance a user's innate talents. Taken a step further, Chaos Emerald energy can be channeled into different chaos powers, which are performable techniques that utilize Chaos Emerald energy. This can include the Chaos Spear, which is a bolt of red/purple/yellow Chaos Emerald energy, or the Chaos Blast, which is an immense discharge of Chaos Emerald energy in the form of an explosion. The basis of several chaos powers, however, is Chaos Control, a phenomenon where a user applies Chaos Emerald energy with the proper usage of a Chaos Emerald to warp time and space.[27] This way, Chaos Emerald energy can affect reality in a multitude of ways, such as slowing down time,[28] warping targets instantaneously through space,[28] allowing travel through time and across dimensions, and reshaping reality.[29]

While it has many usages, the most famous application of Chaos Emerald energy is its ability to induce super transformations in both living beings and machines;[7][30] should enough Chaos Emerald energy be infused within an individual, they will attain a Super State that grants vastly increased innate talents, flight and invulnerability among other things. However, the Chaos Emerald energy of a Super State is not sustainable in the long run on its own, as a Super State consumes tremendous amounts of energy.[31] However, the longevity of the Chaos Emerald energy of a Super State user can be prolonged with Ring Energy, which can sustain a Super State as well.

The Master Emerald neutralizing the Chaos Emeralds' energies, from Sonic Adventure 2.

Despite its vast power, there exists a counter to Chaos Emerald energies: the Master Emerald. While it contains Chaos Emerald energy as well, but in far more quantities than a regular Chaos Emerald, it also possesses the ability to control and neutralize the Chaos Emerald energy of the Chaos Emeralds.[32][33] This can be done by reciting Tikal's Prayer.

In other media


Sonic Underground

A Chaos Emeralds emitting chaos energy, from "Fortress of Altitude".

In the Sonic Underground television series, Chaos Emerald energy is referred to as chaos energy. In this media, it is the energy contained within Chaos Emeralds. Chaos energy is shown to be highly unstable, and if not safely contained within a Chaos Emerald, it will run rampant and cause chaotic phenomena that can tear a planet asunder.

Sonic X

The Chaos Emeralds glowing with chaos energy, from "Showdown in Space".

In the Sonic X anime series and its comic series published by Archie Comics, Chaos Emerald energy is known as chaos energy. In this media, it is the power generated by the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, the former do so by converting thoughts into power. Like its game counterpart, chaos energy is an an immense source of power with various applications, and come in both positive and negative forms.

Books and comics

Archie Comics

Chaos energy in use, from Sonic Universe #12.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Chaos Emerald energy is known as Chaos energy. In this media, it originally came from the Chaos Force, the all-encompassing force of the universe. Objects like the Chaos Emeralds and certain individuals possessed a natural link to the Chaos Force, allowing them to harness Chaos energy from said force.

After the Super Genesis Wave rewrote history, Chaos energy would originate from the Chaos Emeralds, though there is no explanation for how certain individuals can call upon Chaos energy without the Emeralds.

Sonic the Comic

Super Sonic utilising chaos energy, from Sonic the Comic #100. Art by Richard Elson.

In the Sonic the Comic comic series and its spin-offs published by Fleetway Editions, Chaos Emerald energy is known as chaos energy or Chaos Emerald Radiation. In this media, it was created by the alien Drakon Empire as an incredibly powerful, yet highly unstable, power source. In their search for vessels for this power, they discovered the Emeralds from the sacred mine of the Echidnas on Mobius, and created the seven Chaos Emeralds - six to contain the power and a seventh, the Grey Emerald, to control the others. A fierce war was fought between the Drakons and the Echidnas over these Emeralds and the power they contained, which the Echidnas eventually won, although with heavy losses.

When brought together outside of certain stabilizing conditions, such as extreme cold, the presence of Golden Rings, or in the temple of Floating Island, the Chaos Emeralds would produce chaos energy in the form of radiation, building to a chain reaction. In some circumstances, this would cause a spatial warp that teleported the Emeralds into the other-dimensional Special Zone.

IDW Publishing

Main article: Chaos Emerald energy (IDW)

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